Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Get Motivated: Look Good While Getting Fit

Here is some Motivation for my S.O.S participants:

Looking Good while you workout can be a great motivation tool. When you look in the mirror and you have clothes that fit right and high light the right areas you will see the fruits of your labor much quicker. I'm not saying you have to make a fashion statement when you go to the gym. But feeling good about your clothing and the way you look may give you an extra boost of confidence and energy.

So consider investing in a couple of pieces and see if that boosts your motivation and your workout. Of course you want to consider function first. Make sure that you have clothes that fit your workout of choice.

* Form fitting comfortable clothes are great for workouts like yoga and pilates. Make sure your body can move freely for all those difficult yoga poses.

* For cross training make sure you have a bra that can supports you and comfortable form fitting clothes. There are also specialized clothes to help keep you dry like Nike's Dri Fit and Champion's double dry.

* Get the right shoes, make sure you pick up a pair of cross trainers for low impact activities and running shoes for cardio.

*Doing some heavy weight lifting? Make sure you have gloves so you don't get blisters on those beautiful hands!

Here are a few pieces and articles that I came across that have what's hot in Workout Fashion.

For those of you with a little money to splurge check out Stella Mcartney's line at Addidas. Here are a few of her pieces.

For more of her line click here.

Also, Check out Champion Double Dry. The top is 20 bucks and the skort is 25 bucks....pretty economical.

Budget shoppers, Check out this Outdoors Store.
They have your basic workout items and few more expensive items. They also seem to have a lot of items on sale (pants and shirts for ($9.99)
REI is another store with similar options, check it out.

I don't normally make a big deal about how look before I workout. When I first started working out all I cared was about making it to the gym, plus I have a gym in my building and I am usually down there by myself. But now that I run outside regularly I'm thinking that some new workout clothes are a necessary reward for my hard work.

Does fashion matter to you when you workout?
Does wearing the right clothes affect your motivation?
Any suggestions on other great workout clothes?

Don't forget to checkout tips for the Save Our Sister Fitness Challenge at Sweet Potato Pie.


Anonymous said...

Fashion basics matter to me when I workout. I like to match and I feel better when I have on a cute workout outfit that fits well. carries workout clothes too - but the selection is kind of limited. I absolutely agree with you that function is important to consider. If you are going to be doing floorwork with your legs up in the air, please don't wear loose shorts because I don't want to see all that! I do want to say that you shouldn't wear running shoes for cardio other than running (or elliptical/tread). Running shoes support forward motion but are terrible for lateral movement. If you are taking Zumba or dance or step classes you can injure yourself if you are wearing running shoes.

Sandra said...

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knee exercises said...

Wonder why I never pictured it like you have. i really like the way you've pointed out something that anyone who exercises knows, but may not really have been conscious of. Nice blog

.black.girl. said...

i agree!!! i love looking at myself in the mirror when i work out- it makes me happy to see how far i've come!