Friday, July 31, 2015

Shuub Out ZUMBA Rehearse Choreo Patricia Mendoza

Check out my ZUMBA Moves

Shuub Out T.O.K


Choreography By

Zumba Jammer

Patricia Mendoza

Rehearse by Janice

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

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I attended my first ZIN JAM SESSION which was led by Patricia Mendoza of Latin Beats Studio.

We began the session in a circle introducing ourselves. I was surprised to hear that many of the 

participants were ZUMBA GROUPIES. Several people stated that they were instructors who did not

 teach but loved ZUMBA so much they just wanted to attend ZIN JAM SESSIONS to learn

 choreography. I thought this was an interesting concept and label. I guess I am beginning to fall into

 being a ZUMBA GROUPIE. 

Janice practicing ZIN JAM choreography by Patricia Mendoza to Shuub Out by T.O.K.
Janice practicing ZIN JAM choreography by Patricia Mendoza to Shuub Out by T.O.K.

My daughter, Sunny who is the creator of the Nubian Fitness Goddess blog and a PHD. Dr. of 

Clinical Behavioral Psychology has taught me to be okay with being a ZUMBA GROUPIE.

I was interpreting it as I was not completing something else in my life. I added the meaning

that an incomplete is a failure. My daughter told me that I don't look like I am having fun practicing

the same routine for an hour over and and over again. I guess I am too heavy. I am so focused on

 trying to make it as a ZUMBA Instructor that I am not enjoying the journey. So I have decided to

chose to lighten up and have fun.

Share your experience of wanting something so bad that you forget to have fun and enjoy the


Friday, July 10, 2015

Fixing My ZUMBA Choreography


There is nothing like a new pair of kicks to make you feel better. I am ready to get back to practicing my ZUMBA choreography with my ZUMBA dance shoes. While at ZUMBA instructor training Jeanna Bostic told the class about the benefits of wearing ZUMBA shoes which are designed with circles on the bottom of the shoe to help glide across the floor. Jenna Bostic recommended wearing insoles for more comfort in the shoes.

ZUMBA WEAR Shoes with circles design to you glide while dancing
ZUMBA WEAR Shoes with circles design to you glide while dancing
There is definitely a difference in dancing in ZUMBA shoes versus my Brook running shoes. The ZUMBA shoes has lighter soles for easier movement. 

I got some great advice on fixing my ZUMBA choreography from my friend Tasha. She told me I needed to count. It's that simple. I am not counting. I was trying to just listen to the music and dance which was a disaster. Tasha told me I don't know music so I need to count.

Later I reflected on Tasha's statement about me not knowing music, I tried to fill in the blanks on how I missed out on learning music. As a child, I had the ballet lessons and piano lessons plus in college I studied a couple of courses in music. Despite the fact that none of my music background sink into my brain matter, I became a great dancer as a teenager by practicing my moves to the songs of the Spinners. I recall watching Soul Train and dancing with the Soul Train dancers then I would practice my new moves on my own at home. Sometimes I would go to my friend Rita's house to practice the bop with her. 

Last night I danced for about three hours and I counted moves and looked for patterns. I did see an improvement in my ZUMBA choreography. I feel better about my dancing thanks to Tasha's simple advice.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My ZUMBA Choreography SUCKS!

Practicing My ZUMBA Choreography Jamaican Cumbia
Practicing My ZUMBA Choreography Jamaican Cumbia

Yesterday was an off day for me, my mind and body were not in sync. I was just having one of those days. I got stuck in traffic and arrived late to ZUMBA class of my ZUMBA instructor mentor Stephanie. She has been gracious enough to include me in her busy schedule.

After class I spent about an hour practicing my ZUMBA choreography to one of my favorite songs Jamaican Cumbia. One can watch the video and see that I forget the routine. This road to becoming an excellent ZUMBA instructor may take a minute. I have so much to work on: learning the music, dance steps, and proper form.

I taught a class for about 25 minutes. I practice the choreography then I get in front of a class and forget the dance steps. I forget the variations to the dance moves. My routine is boring. I am not using the cues. I am not listening to the music. I only know three songs and ended up making dance routines. Class participants stopped dancing. One person went and got on their cell phone. I really was not prepared but it was a teaching moment for me. I really am not practicing hard enough.

It seems easy being a ZUMBA instructor.

Thank you to the class participants for allowing me to practice my ZUMBA choreography.  I have been on the other side thinking this instructor stinks now I know how it feels.

Time to go practice! I am not giving up!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Overcoming My Fear of Becoming A Zumba Instructor

Janice with Jani Roberts ZUMBA Basic Level 1 Instructor Training October 13 2011
Janice with Jani Roberts ZUMBA Basic Level 1 Instructor Training October 13 2011

Jani Roberts asks participants to share their weight loss success stories. The lady to the far right lost 185 lbs.
Jani Roberts asks participants to share their weight loss success stories. The lady to the far right lost 185 lbs.

SCW Fitness Education Midwest Mania ZUMBA Basic Skills Level 1 Instructor Training with Jani Roberts and Tony Witt Thursday October 13 2011
SCW Fitness Education Midwest Mania ZUMBA Basic Skills Level 1 Instructor Training with Jani Roberts and Tony Witt Thursday October 13 2011

My ZUMBA journey began in 2010 when I started taking Zumba classes at KS Wholistic Training & Development Center .  E'a Williams of Be Fit TriWellness and Tasha Maya Gibson inspired me to become a ZUMBA Instructor.

I became certified at SCW Fitness Education Midwest Mania ZUMBA Basic Skills Level 1 Instructor Training with Jani Roberts and Tony Witt on Thursday October 13, 2011. The training was held at the Hyatt Regency Rosemont as part of a fitness conference with hundreds of participants. I was a flight attendant who had traveled quite a bit that year professionally and personally. So I was not in the best of health. Anyway, I injured my shoulder and lower back doing a ZUMBA moves after receiving my certification. My body was structurally weak from working as a flight attendant with all the standing and pulling luggage. Flying and the forces of gravity are very hard of the body. I allowed my certification to lapse and never really taught a class despite my love for ZUMBA dancing.

This has been an incomplete in my life since 2011. One of those goals I never achieved but talked about for past four years. I had taken ZUMBA dance off and on over the past four years always wishing in the back of mind that I had become an instructor. I don't know what stopped me other than myself and negative self-talk.

My daughter moved back to Chicago and decided that as a bonding ritual we would go to ZUMBA dance on Saturdays on KS Wholistic Training & Development at 10338 South Western Avenue in the Beverly Area of Chicago. I love this place. It has some of the best ZUMBA Instructors with great music and dance moves they way sistas like to move. 

I didn't realize it but my psychologist daughter secretly counseled me with this  ZUMBA bonding ritual idea. She helped me overcome my roadblocks to becoming a ZUMBA instructor. She realized that ZUMBA dance is something that I really love.  I am very passionate about it. I just had an aha moment that within one year of her moving back to Chicago I am now ZUMBA Certified Instructor. She accomplished her mission of helping her Mom to overcome her roadblock. I am so grateful for her. Sometimes the parent needs help from their children. It's okay. We all need help sometimes.

Now I am overcoming my fear of leading the ZUMBA class. It is a different experience to be in the front of room leading a group of people. It was unsettling for me at first to see people move when I move. Now I just turn on the music and start having fun. I don't have to be perfect. My routine doesn't have to be perfect. I just share with the class that I am overcoming a fear. I let them know that I am new to teaching ZUMBA. The instructors and class participants have been very supportive. Then I go home listen to music and practice the routines. I can only get better. I can only improve. There is no where to go but up. I just have to stay in action. It will come. Right now I am just doing the Warm-Up of a class but I know that I will learn to teach a one hour class. It will happen with practice and just getting out there. Doing it!

If you have been thinking about becoming a ZUMBA Instructor, I encourage you to sign today.

Monday, June 29, 2015


Selfie with ZUMBA Jeanna Bostic
Selfie with ZUMBA Jeanna Bostic
ZUMBA Instructors Certified with Jenna Bostic
ZUMBA Instructors Certified by Jenna Bostic
Jenna Bostic teaches choreography to Zumba Students
Jenna Bostic teaches choreography to Zumba Students

ZUMBA Instructor Training is day of classroom teaching and learning dance moves. A group of ten plus Zumbalites from KS Wholistic 10338 South Western Avenue Chicago  and Trinity United Church of (Christ TUCC Chicago) organized by Tanya Hines signed up for the Basic Training 1 June 27 2015 training at Edward Health & Fitness Center in Woodbridge. We are so  grateful to Tanya for creating the South Side Sisters and getting a group discount for the training.

ZUMBA Jenna Bostic emailed in advance our ZUMBA Basic Level 1 Training Manual and advice on what to bring to class.

My Tips for what to bring to Zumba Basic Level 1 Training Class:

Eat Healthy

I recommend a sandwich or salad. Some members of class went out for lunch and ordered fried chicken. They were sleepy after lunch because of the greasy meal they had consumed. They were nodding in class.

Bring healthy snacks like fruit, energy bars, protein bars, protein shakes, energy drinks, a gallon of filtered water

Bring a towel, flip flops, deodorant, toiletries and change of clothes for the afternoon class

Bring a sweatshirt to keep your body warm after the 1 hour ZUMBA masterclass

Bring cash to buy the latest ZUMBA wear during the class

Be Prepared to have FUN!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Kale Greens Carrot Apple Smoothie

Today I am drinking three of these Green Smoothies to cleanse my colon and bring my stomach back down. This past week I binged on Matt's Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin and Raspberry Fig Bars so this is my way of getting my body back on track.

Kale Greens Carrot Apple Smoothie


Raw Kale Greens

Organic Carrots



Nutri Bullet

Add a handful of fresh Kale Greens to Nutri Bullet Cup, a handful of carrots, one half apple then fill with water to the max line and blend. Drink immediately to receive the benefit of the vitamins.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nubian Fitness Goddess Mama's Weightloss Journey

Janice's Weightloss Progress May 2014 to February 2015
Janice's Weightloss Progress May 2014 to February 2015

My travel lifestyle as a flight attendant impacted my health negatively. My colon expanded from all

the take offs and landings. Every time I would take off in the air, my colon would expand and

whenever I would land my colon would contract. This caused my intestines to become packed with

waste and made it difficult for me to eliminate. In May 2014, I stopped working as a flight attendant

because I was unable to move my bowels. My stomach looked as if it was 7 months pregnant.

I began working out 5 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week for three months just to get my bowels to

move. The photo above of me showing my "sugar roll" belly was taken in June 2014.

On December 30, 2014 I was told that I had cervical cancer, it was quite an unpleasant New Year's

surprise. Most people were making New Year's Resolution, however I was forced to change my

eating habits to a vegan lifestyle. I went into survival mode. There are various cancer deaths in my

family. I lost my mother to second hand smoking cancer, one aunt to cervical cancer, and

grandmother to breast cancer. I had one other aunt die to cancer as well, but I don't remember

what type. I am not ready to give up my life to cancer.

I overcame fear and remained positive. God placed the right people in my life to help with my

healing. One of my daughter's gave me a visit to King Spa and Sauna for a Christmas present. It is a

wellness retreat that has over 30 hot and cold healing rock saunas. The biggest help was the

V Steam Herb Woodworm Sitz Bath which is known to prevent uterine cancer. My daughter and I

and I had an one hour and a half treatment by God's divine plan. We were visiting with three of my

daughter's friends who sitz baths were not working properly. The treatment is normally 30 minutes

but we received an additional hour because we were waiting for my daughter's friends. After the sitz

bath we spent time in the various sauna rooms, detoxifying and healing our bodies.

Janice Working Out
Janice Working Out 

Another factor which helped cure me from cancer was my employment at L.A. Fitness as Personal

Trainer Fitness Assessment Counselor that gave me access to a spa and whirlpool. I continued to

detoxify my body. I also began working with a personal trainer who encouraged me to eat organic

fruits and vegetables and change to a vegan lifestyle. My working out with Personal Trainer Lance 

Dillon of Truth Fitness 2020 led to a 17 pound weight and building lean muscle mass during the

month of January.

Being employed at L.A. Fitness has helped change me into a fitness person as I now workout about

6 days a week. My job as a Personal Trainer Fitness Assessment Counselor requires that I workout

with clients about 3 to 4 times a day in addition to my regular workout routine. A health and fitness

lifestyle has changed my travel lifestyle. Although I have hung up my wings as a flight attendant, I

decided to combine passion to travel with health and fitness by creating Black Girls Fitness 

Getaways. Please comment by sharing your weightloss journey and  your dream wellness getaway