Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Running for my Life!

Every morning I run for my life...

This morning I decided to take my exercise outside and run along Oak street beach. The bike/running path was filled with people getting the morning exercise in. It was not surprising that I was one of 5 black women out there running (Yes! I counted). As I was running I remembered a conversation I had with my cousin. I told her how much I enjoy running and it's the best (well, to me) form of exercise. She said "You will not find me running, unless someone is chasing me."

Many of my other bw friends share her sentiments, they just can't get into running. Everyone has their own preference and that's fine but it sucks to be on the Beach and look around and see all of the white folks out there and no one like me. So I decided I would share some of the benefits of running and maybe I could convert some of you non runners :-).

My Experience
Running works out your whole body! It has toned my arms, legs, and flattened my tummy.
No matter how lazy or droswy I feel before running, I always feel great afterwards and I have plenty of energy for my weight training. Today I ran 2 miles walked a mile and ran a mile back and I feel great! It has also been great for helping me lose weight quickly and maintain my weight loss.

Other Benefits (click for full article)
-lowers blood pressure
-maximizes lung potential
-diminishes appetite
-helps with depression and anxiety
-reduces risk of stroke and breast cancer
-burns more calories/min than any other exercise (except cross country skiing)
-It's free!

More information on running here

It also helps to run with a partner. When we are able to coordinate our schedules sometimes I run with one my sorority sisters. If anyone you are interested in running and you live Chicago hit me at

So Have I convinced you to run yet?

Do you like running? Why or Why not?


Anonymiss said...

I don't like to run because I become tired easily. Also, I used to jog/powerwalk on the treadmill (at an incline of 5 and a speed/grade/level of 3.7) but I get this shooting pain in my left shin. I had a doctor look at it and he found nothing in the x-ray.

I prefer the elliptical. How does running and the elliptical compare?

Fitness Goddess said...

If it is painful for you run then definitely stick with the elliptical. The elliptical is lower impact because you are gliding instead of actually lifting your feet of the ground.

From what I read in this article!&id=116198
You can get similare results on a elliptical machine. Calories burned are similar and it's a fully body workout.

Mrs. Brookaltimore said...

Running always seemed to me like one of most intimidating forms of exercises. It is so high impact (which is also why it torches those calories) but when you go to a park, you only seem to see advanced runners, not people just starting out the way you might be. But it's also one of those things that seems like such an accomplishment when you can run for a few miles without wanting to die. lol So, it's my forever goal. I'm an elliptical devotee but I'm constantly trying to mix in running because I want to be one of those runners!

Anonymous said...

I started running about 1.5 years ago on a dare after being convinced that it was something I could never do. I've now completed 2 1/2 marathons and am training for a full marathon in Nov. I agree with the PP, the intimidation factor is high. Starting was hard but once I got into I really learned to love it. There is no other workout that makes me feel as accomplished - probably because running is as much mental as it is physical. It is definitely worth trying - don't be scared to start slow (google Couch to 5K for an excellent beginners plan). I know I was very slow when I started but I got faster in time. Plus, endurance is just as important as speed!

Never200 said...

I like running on the treadmill, I add incline for a challenge. I also like seeing my stats on the machine. I am intimidated to run on the street and always admire those that do. I've tried it a couple of times, but it's so much harder! But I always wish I was a street runner (I've never wished I as a streetwalker tho, hahaha).

redhotmama said...

i've finally tried running and felt so self-conscious about it.
i want to run b/c i know it'll be good for me.

i'm gonna do it blocks at a time.

running reminds me of how out of shape i am. :(

Fitness Goddess said...

keep trying redhot mama, it will get easier. Just add a little distance everyday and you will feel more and more comfortable. I know what you mean about being self-conscious. When I'm on the path I see everyone with their 6 paths and toned arms, it can be pretty intimidating but I try focus on my breathing and my music.

Keep trying and let me know your progress!

never200, i agree running on the street is harder. I'm still getting used to it myself. I started off on the treadmill but now i'm trying to challenge myself.

Keep it up ladies!

djmadmike said...

Its funny how doing the things you don’t like usually means they are good for you...i.e. eating spinach, balancing your check book or running. Running is definitely a love hate relationship but running in the mourning means more than running. For the past month my wife and I have been walking 3 times a week first thing in the mourning. Recently we want to incorporate a little running i.e. the last half mile. Running in the A.M. does 3 things for me

1- It jumpstarts my heart, body and matter how much I hate it I feel good afterwards. I complete my runs with stretching and 100 sit-ups. Everything is loose and I'm ready to attack the world.

2- It sets the tone for the day...after sacrificing that extra 30mins of sleep you better believe I wont mess it up with a muffin and choco-latte coffee drink from whomever.

3-Waking up and going to work, setting up for the kids or what ever your routine is 9 times out of 10 your probably doing something for someone else first thing in the mourning your spouse, kids or employer. Running or any other workout in the AM is for you and only you. Heck call me selfish, but the first person I think and want to do for is’s the only way I can continue and do for others. Run so you can catch up to the person you are supposed to be!

Glennisha Morgan said...

I need to start back jogging seriously.

Anonymous said...

I've wanted to be a runner. I've checked out plans for beginners. I've done half-n-half running-walking on the treadmill when I was going to the gym. I even participated in a run/walk, running about 1/3 of the distance.

I have fantasies of running. The exhilaration that comes with each exhalation. The power in the legs that radiates throughout my body. But carrying 80 extra pounds on my frame makes it so difficult. Plus I live in San Francisco, so every direction outside my front door means climbing hills.

I'm so inspired, but I'll have to save the running for when I'm a few pounds lighter and living closer to flat areas. My glass is raised to the rest of you though!


Erica said...

Love running! It is one of the best body workouts and it is cheap. It builds endurance and makes any other exercise easier. Like anything, it is difficult at first, but there is nothing like the feeling of clearing your head that comes from running. It also makes you limber and there is no problem going up the stairs.

Aniya said...

aahyou have some really interesting articles here...although I never run and never will I have a spinning bike at home and am trying to get myself motivated for when I return from my holiday (where I am now) so I'll be back..

mekare said...

Hey fitness goddess,

I have experimented with running lately and it is difficult...but I wasn't huffing and puffing and ready to die like I expected. It does take determination to run and it is high impact so I have to get used to it.

On another note, I've tried spinning lately. Man those seats are HARD. But it is getting better.

Take care

Brittany said...

I absolutely LOVE running, the catch is it has to be scenic running (either on the beach, or a trail or something) I absolutely HATE running on the treadmill, because it's the same thing...staring at the same wall...for miles! It honestly makes my run seem a little longer! Anyway, the only way I can really get with the whole "treadmill" deal is if I have my episodes of "GIRLFRIENDS" playin' on my iPod!

Back to the point, I absolutely LOVE running. It makes my day better, and I seem like I can BREATHE so much better, and I have a lot more energy!

I especially like to run long distances for a treat... Like running miles for a protein smoothie, and then running back to my apartment!

As far as cons...I have the worst problem with running shoes :( I can never seem to find the Perfect pair that work JUST right! Do you have any suggestions???