Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Healthy Soul Food???? Yes, it exists!!

Luckily for us women that sometimes crave a good soul food meal, there are healthy ways to prepare these items so that you do not sacrifice all those days in the gym.

Also, if you are familiar with Sylvia's restaurant in NYC you may be happy to know that she is creating healthier options. Some of her recipes are below.

I am collecting links to healthy soul food recipes and restaurants. So share your recipes and experiences!

I have not tried any of the recipes as of yet but I will let you know how it goes.




Sheena's Healthy Soul Food

108 Madison St.

Oak Park, IL 60302


Healthy Soul Cafe & Deli

(702) 310-2233

1830 N Martin L King Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89106

Soul Vegetarian East

205 E. 75TH st. Chicago
Tel: (773) 224-0104

Vegan Village Internet Cafe

4061 West Pico Blvd @ Norton
2 Blocks East of Crenshaw
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Phone:(323) 766-9773 (Phone Order Accepted)

Ms. B's M&M Soul Food Restaurant

3300 W. Manchester Boulevard - Inglewood, CA 90305
Phone: 310.673.5031 Fax: 310.673.5036


I am constantly reading Women's Health and Fitness magazines to get tips on workouts and eating healthier. Most of the time the advice that I find is unrealistic.
Most women have limited time and funding so while eating all organic products or cutting out carbs sounds like a good idea, it just never works out.

Well I came across article that has realistic healthy eating tips that are very helpful! Feel free to share tips that have worked for you.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Should Sisters Pump Iron? - weight-training for African American women

Hey ladies,

There have been some requests on how to develop good weight training routines. So I put together a couple of links to articles on weight training specifically for women. I'm no expert at weight training. I have taken recommendations from a free personal training session I had a Ballys. If anyone else has additional recommendations please share them.

The Links


Please keep sending me resources to add to the resource post! Let me know if there are any additional topics you would like to see. Thanks for all the feedback!!!

contact me at hypothesis1913@gmail.com

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finally A Place For Us!!!!

Finally A Place For Us!!!!
There are several online communities and magazines geared towards women and fitness but few of them really focus on our issues. In our experience being Black Women who work out to maintain physical health has been so complicated. This blog was created by two black women that want to share their concerns regarding physical fitness in the black community. Please utilize it to share advice, tips , and ask questions. If there is a topic that you would like for us to start, please email us at
C & D

Resources : Eating Right, Exercise, Hair Care

We are collecting resources to provide tips and suggestions for Eating right, Exercise, Cooking, and Hair Care. Feel free to send me links either through email (hypothesis1913@gmail.com) or through comments

Eating Right

meal plans -
Karyn's at Home meals to go
Calorie Counter- http://www.calorie-count.com/
Better Way 2 Better Life - www.betterway2betterlife.com

Get Fit

fitness plan- http://www.blackwomenshealth.org/site/c.eeJIIWOCIrH/b.3477413


Hair Tips:

Faster Hair Growth -



Cooking Classes and Cookbook http://www.soulvegetarian.com/ (Black-owned)
Healthy Cooking Classes for us http://www.karynraw.com (Black-owned)
Tours and Tasting http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/

More to Come!!!

How to work out and still keep your hair FLY......

Okay ladies, one of the biggest reasons that I started this blog is because I have struggled to figure out what to with my hair since I started working out.
I have relaxed hair and it has been really difficult to keep it straight while working out 5 times a week. At first I was flat ironing it everday (ouch!!!) but of course it started breaking off. I finally figured out how to best handle it. I wash and deep condition my hair every friday so it looks nice on the weekend. During the week it's in a ponytail or if it acts right I wear it in a wrap.

It was important to me for hair not to stop me from working out---How do you all handle this???

Please share your hair regimes!

Run a 13 mile Marathon ?????

As of today my blog partner and friend have committed to running the Chicago Half Marathon. This marathon is 13 miles and should completed in about 3 hours. This is extremely intimidating considering that I have never ran more than 3 miles!!!
I am fairly new to running but I enjoy it and think that it would be an amazing accomplishment if I can complete the marathon. I will document my experience through this blog.
Please share if any of you have ran a marathon...share what your experience was like.