Monday, August 25, 2008

S.O.S : Links to Fitness

It's week 3 of the Save Our Sister Fitness Challenge (S.O.S.) ! If you still need to join click here.
It's very important that we continue to motivate each other. So ask a friend to join you in your daily exercise, today!

I'm here to provide you with tips and resources, so you can stay Motivated and Active! Please keep checking back to the site. I have a special announcement that I will share this week. Don't forget to see what great tips Sweet Potato Pie has for you!

Get Motivated!
Okay, this is more of a scare tactic but it may get some of you motivated:
Check out this article All African-American Women Could be Overweight by 2034 at Sweet Potato Pie.

Get Active, Stay Fly!
Just because you're sweating hard doesn't mean you can't look fly. Check out this article to find out where to get the best workout clothes.

Hair Care
Check out this article Hair Care and Exercise "Trading Hair for Health" by Glennisha Morgan.
Also, Check out my posts!
Hair Care Products for Black Women that Exercise
Sweat Hard, Without Damaging Your Hair
Free Yourself: Caring for Black Hair

Get Moving!

Build Your own Workout Video at Fitness Magazine's site

*What music gets you moving? This week I want to share a play list I created myself. It's all Beyonce /Destiny's Child, if you don't like her then you'll hate my playlist. I find that Beyonce has a lot of songs with fast beats which are good for running. Also, her songs don't talk about much of anything so it won't distract you from your workout..:-p

1. Get Em' Bodied
2. Lose My Breath
3. Ring the Alarm
4. Crazy in Love
5. Deja Vu
6. Check on It
7. Bootylicious
8. Freakum Dress

Want to share your playlist? Email me at and I will feature it in my next post!

New to the Fitness Challenge? Updates from Fitness Challenge members?
Share your thoughts and share your resources!
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LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

I love the site! This is fabulous. Do you mind if we trade links?

Glennisha Morgan said...

Girl yea these are all great work out songs.