Friday, August 1, 2008

Boost Your Sex Drive

It's Friday! So, I figured I would leave you all with something fun. What's more fun than Sex?!

Did you know that Exercise Amps your sex drive? A recent study found that women who cycled for 20 minutes before viewing a sex scene experienced 21 percent arousal than those who did not. Researchers suggest that the increase in arousal is related to heightened nerve activity.

I also read that the vigorous exercise has the best results. So you can try power walking for 20 minutes or whatever interests you. Why not heighten your arousal, it can only make the sex better!

This yet another reason to add cardio to your life! 20 minutes goes a long way Try cycling, running, a dance, class, or anything that gets that heart pumping.

Don't forget that having Sex burns a ton of calories too!

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Exercise is good for a ton of other things like increasing energy, decreasing stress, stopping cramps, reduce risk of diabetes, boosting fertility, etc.

How Exercise Helps Me
I find that exercise provides me with a ton more energy. I get up and work out at 7 am every morning and I'm not a morning person (but I only have time in the morning) but now it doesn't bother me at all. I just get up and go and I have plenty of energy. Exercise has also helped with back pain that I was experiencing, I think that running has strenghthed my back because the back is gone.

Has Exercise affected your life in any surprising way?


Glennisha Morgan said...

I heard this before but, too bad I don't exercise consistently enough to see if it really works lol said...

i need to get to exercising then ;) no but seriously, exercise helps your mental morale so I can see how it adversely affect sex drive which is controlled by the Brain...good one!

Erica said...

I have found that walking is a great way to increase your cardiovascular system. I just moved to a city that is pedestrian friendly and have enjoyed walking around markets and visiting the various mom and pop shops. When I got back onto the treadmill after a 2 1/2 week hiatus, I realized that I was running faster (0.2km faster) and I wasn't tired. I have had great runs!