Monday, June 29, 2015


Selfie with ZUMBA Jeanna Bostic
Selfie with ZUMBA Jeanna Bostic
ZUMBA Instructors Certified with Jenna Bostic
ZUMBA Instructors Certified by Jenna Bostic
Jenna Bostic teaches choreography to Zumba Students
Jenna Bostic teaches choreography to Zumba Students

ZUMBA Instructor Training is day of classroom teaching and learning dance moves. A group of ten plus Zumbalites from KS Wholistic 10338 South Western Avenue Chicago  and Trinity United Church of (Christ TUCC Chicago) organized by Tanya Hines signed up for the Basic Training 1 June 27 2015 training at Edward Health & Fitness Center in Woodbridge. We are so  grateful to Tanya for creating the South Side Sisters and getting a group discount for the training.

ZUMBA Jenna Bostic emailed in advance our ZUMBA Basic Level 1 Training Manual and advice on what to bring to class.

My Tips for what to bring to Zumba Basic Level 1 Training Class:

Eat Healthy

I recommend a sandwich or salad. Some members of class went out for lunch and ordered fried chicken. They were sleepy after lunch because of the greasy meal they had consumed. They were nodding in class.

Bring healthy snacks like fruit, energy bars, protein bars, protein shakes, energy drinks, a gallon of filtered water

Bring a towel, flip flops, deodorant, toiletries and change of clothes for the afternoon class

Bring a sweatshirt to keep your body warm after the 1 hour ZUMBA masterclass

Bring cash to buy the latest ZUMBA wear during the class

Be Prepared to have FUN!