Monday, August 4, 2008

Love Handles: How Dating Affects Your Health

The Stats:
*Woman that were regularly dating gained an average 15 pounds over 5 years.

* Women that were living with their partner gained an average of 18 pounds over 5 years

* Women that were married gained 24 pounds!

(from the american obesity society)

I found these statisitics to be interesting because I have heard guys complain about how their girl "got fat on them" when they settled down. Well, statisically speaking it seems that it is true. There are many reasons this may occur. You may be influenced by your partners eating habits, you may stop working out as much because your spending so much time with your boo, or you may just lose focus because your so happy.

Dining out more often is another probable cause for signficant weight gain. My boyfriend and are constantly going out to eat and if I wasn't working out so much I probably would have gained alot of weight. Well, whatever the reason I've got some tips to prevent it from happening

In this month's issue of Shape they have great tips on how you can dine out and avoid all that weight gain!

1. When the food arrives, tell a story to give him lead-time. That way he'll finish first and you'll be less likely clean your plate

2. Another trick is starting with a filling, low-calorie appetizer, like gazpacho or tuna tartare. This satisfies you on fewer calories, so you won't be famished and overdo it when your entrée arrives.

3. Once you realize where you splurge when sharing a meal together, set rules for yourself. Suggest ordering wines by the glass instead of a bottle. If he enjoys dessert after every meal, split one with him or have a cappuccino instead.

4. You can also bank some calories by carving out time for exercise before meeting up. Sneak in a sweat session while he's watching the game or during your lunch break

My tips:

1. Workout together- It's great to have a running or gym partner. This way you make sure that you're both staying slim and trim and you can motivate each other!

2. Remember he is a man he can eat a ton more than you and not gain a pound ('s life)

Has dating ever caused you to gain weight?


Cassina Z. said...

Peace... diggin your blog. Well, I have always found that I lose myself in my relationships and pick up some weight. I now opt for lunchtime workouts and/or early morning or late night, when my partner and my child are both fast asleep. So far, so good. The key is to remember to keep your own schedule in the midst of all the lovey dovey... takes practice though. I just figured it out!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I like your blog, I really do. I will be checking in to keep on top of my fitness goals as well.

theimpatientone said...

I completely understand where you're coming from. My fiancé and I moved in together and because he can eat me out of house and home I've found myself trying to eat as much as I can before there's nothing left. I've always been small but I noticed myself gaining weight and that's when I made the decision to work out with him lol. Great post!

Glennisha Morgan said...

I bet it is true. My honey and I have been together for almost 3 years and living together for 2. Over those two years each year,my pants size went up! Yikes! I have no clue why.Initially we stayed dining out once we moved in together I began cooking at least 4 times a week.

Anonymous said...

I definitely gained weight when I first started dating my future husband. I decided to develop my own rigorous exercise/eating plan outside of the time we spent together so that a night out to dinner didn't matter so much. I also started to bring my own snacks and food when we hung out without specific plans to eat dinner. That helped me avoid late night runs to McD's or Waffle House.

Fitness Goddess said...

And let's not forget that men gain weight too! I need to find the stats on that.

Just_Wondering said...

What a Great Blog/Post! I recently decided to lose a few pounds because I seemed to have gained a few stuffing my face with whatever I wanted this summer. I happen to be dating a guy who likes weight and he has a very slim build. I have to tell him it's not cute looking 3mos pregnant with no baby in the belly! lol So I started my regimen of eating better and working out this past Monday! I will follow up on your blog to encourage me lol

mahoganydymond said...

Yes... I was with the guy for 5 years and I gained over 35lbs being with him. Now that we are no longer together. I have lose 23lbs and working on more..