Thursday, August 14, 2008

S.O.S: Save Our Sisters Fitness Challenge

What are you doing to save your sister, friend, co-worker, or any other black woman struggling with health issues? When was the last time you encouraged a friend to join you in the gym?
What are you doing to save yourself?

We are in a state of emergency and something has to be done A.S.A.P. You can no longer sit back and watch your Sister or yourself increase their risk for disease because of lack of exercise and healthy eating . We have to take responsibility for each other and fight obesity together!

Nubian Fitness Goddess and Sweet Potato Pie have joined forces to bring you the S.O.S. Fitness Challenge. Our sites have combined to bring the you best motivation, tips, and support for the S.O.S.

To join the S.O.S. Challenge you must agree to encourage at least of one your friends or family members to join you in the gym or wherever you workout. If you don't have access to the gym get together and do a workout DVD together or go for a walk. The goal is to build a support network around you so invite as many women as you can. This will support you in your efforts to stay healthy and it will also benefit the people you are encouraging.

Ladies that are new to exercise this challenge is perfect for you as well. If it's your first time going to the gym you can still take a friend with you, get FIT together!

The S.O.S challenge will last 3 months. For the next 3 months we will be providing tips, encouragement, posting success stories and struggles that women have encountered. We hope that this fitness challenge will strengthen your own commitment to your heath as well strengthen your friends/family's members commitment.

Sweet Potato Pie and Nubian Fitness Goddess are excited about this challenge. Check back regularly for updates about S.O.S! We will constantly be adding tips and more details about the Challenge.

Tell us if you're joining S.O.S. What are your thoughts about the Challenge? Do you believe you can convince your friends and family to commit to exercise with you?

Spread the Word, tell your friends and family about S.O.S.

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todoni said...

It's such a great idea & I am in for it! I have my dear friend who works out one day/week with me. My sisters also follow my league asking me for tips about fitness, nutrition and hair care after a workout.

mekare said...

Oh wow,

You were scared too when you saw the health article that said "all bw will be overweight by 2034."

I have someone in mind. I love her a lot but her eating habits scare me. I don't want to shame her or anything, but she eats potato chips every night, popeyes and other things that I know are hurting her.

She works as a nurses assistant, lots of times she works double shifts to make extra money which cuts out her time to exercise.

I KNOW she is unhappy with the way she looks. I KNOW it. She expresses it all of the time. Does anyone have any advice so I can tackle this? I have talked to her but I haven't gotten through. If I could save anyone, it would be her.

mekare said...

Here is another thought.

I think we black women have to realize that if another bw makes it then we make it. When one suceeds it creates a route to our sucess because we know where to go.

Fitness Goddess said...

todoni i'm here to here you're in!

Mekare, I like that idea. I agree with you one black woman's sucess does provide a route for other black women. I think this challenge will be helpful to bw because it encourages you to establish support networks with other woman who have similar goals. In my experience I am more sucessful an exercising and eating right when my friends are on the same page. In additoin to that the stats are really alarming and I think it is necessary that we start encouraging each other.

As far as you friend I want to give that issue a little more thought. I recognize it may be a sensitive issue for her and you do not want to say something to offend her...

Anonymous said...

I am exicited to join the challenge. I have lost about 25 pounds, and I am 8 pounds from my goal weight. I must say that this is truly the the encouragement that I need to continue to work towards my goal.

It think it is wonderful to have a fitness forum decidicated to African-American women's health. While fitness is a hot topic due to increasing obesity rates, we often find that there are limited resources that target black women.

I will share this family and freinds that are seeking to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

mekare said...


I purchased some white cheddar rice cakes and buttered popcorn flavored rice cakes for this woman to help with her evening "crunchy" cravings. This may not work so I will try light microwave popcorn next.

Exercise is next.

Fitness Goddess said...

I'm sorry I never got back to you about how to approach your friend. I was trying to think of way to make sure you didn't offend her.

I think it is a good idea to suggest that she come to a gym class or dance class with you. You don't have to tell her she needs to lose weight just tell her you want a partner. Hopefully she will see the benefits and then continue on her own. I'll let you know if I come up with something else.


Welcome to the Challenge! Let me know if you need any resources or support.
Keep up the Good Work Ladies!

mekare said...

Hey fitness goddess,

I went for a walk with the friend I spoke about a few days ago and asked her a few questions on what it would take to get her to exercise.

We talked about joining Curves, having and having an exercise machine at home. I didn't mention the DVD thing because her place is small but now that I think about it, I will talk to her about it again.

I'm realizing that this woman has some financial issues and that prevents her from joining Curves. She may need to get on a budget so the rabbit hole goes deeper than I thought. There are economical places like the YMCA and DVD's so she can get around it with encouragement.

I'll keep you updated.

Fitness Goddess said...


Please hit me at my email: so I can have your email. I think have some information that will be very useful to your friend.

I'm happy to hear you had that converstation with her. At least now you have a better understanding about what is preventing her from exercising. Please keep us updated.

Here's my update:

I am motivating one of my friends I have been cool with since high school. Last week I talked her into getting back on the grind and followed up with her to make sure she did her workout DVD. This week I have slacked a little and forgot to check on her. But I will today, I've got to get it together.

Danielle said...

Fitness Goddess,
I think this challenge is such a great idea that I would love to share with my readers as well. Please contact me directly so we can discuss further details.