Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wake Up, Work Out!

Here is a little morning motivation:

Try to get your workout done 1st thing in the morning. If you are still trying to find your workout groove, you may find that as the day goes on the more excuses you have for not exercising. You may be tired from work, class, or driving the kids around all day. By the time your busy day is over you have no energy left for YOU. So take some time first thing in the morning, make your first 45 minutes of the day about YOU. You have to keep your body healthy and strong so you can continue to be there for your family, friends, career, etc.

If you don't have time to hit the gym early in the morning then try a workout video or my favorite Exercise TV. Jillian Michaels has some great programs on exercise TV. Also, the weather is getting nicer, so trying going for a run or walk. All you have to do is get up, get your workout clothes, and get out the door. Just make happen :-)

How you do you stay motivated to get your daily exercise in?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All You Have to Do is JUMP to Get Fit!

This past weekend, I bought jump rope from Target ($3). Why? What can a piece of rope do to get you fit? Here's why!

-You can burn tons of calories in a short amount of time.
- 10 minutes of vigorous jumping can havethe same benefits as a 30-minute jog.
-A great way to improve balance, coordination, and increase your endurance.\
-You can find your abs (don't kill yourself doing a bunch of crunches, when you need to burn the fat off first!)

With the nice weather finally coming out, I'm ready to jump back into my outside workouts! I know you remember jumping rope when you were just a kid! Now find your inner child, borrow that jump rope from your little sister, cousin, whoever, and jump away!

If jumping rope sounds boring, try a few of these workouts to keep it fun!

Self magazine

Fitness Magazine

Jump rope is just one quick, easy, and fun outside workout to do. What other "quickie" workouts do you do to get fit?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I recently read the new issue of Women's Health magazine and I saw an article about healthy detoxing. It seems like a realistic plan to follow (if I had time to go grocery shopping or even afford some of the items they listed), but it was for a 5 foot 3-155 lb person, aka NOT me. I was eager to try it anyways, but then I stopped for a second and realized that perhaps the reason I gained almost half the weight I lost, is because I'm always trying to rush and find the quickest way to reach my goal.

I learned that the faster you go, the harder it is to keep the weight off. Losing .5 to 1 lb per a week is ideal, even if it seems to slow, its the healthy way to go!

I have a wedding (I'm the maid of honor) and cruise vacation coming up, in about 70 days. I keep telling myself that I MUST lose weight to have a great time. But do I really need to be a smaller size to enjoy a vacation? No! Instead, I should focus on losing weight in a slow and steady pace. Whatever weight I am come the wedding/cruise, I need to find clothes that flatter my shape and figure. If I don't get to wear a two piece bikini, its not the end of the world. There is always next summer!

Our society is so locked in to this "quick-fix" phenomenon, that we forget what the weight loss journey is all about--learning to implement healthy eating and physical activity into our every day lives. Whatever plan works for you, make sure its something that you can uphold for a LIFETIME. So the "no eating any carbs" or the constant detoxes you choose to do, may work in the short term, but that weight will come back to haunt you later. Trust me.

Share your lessons learned on long-term weight loss! What method, program, or strategy has worked best on KEEPING the pounds off for you?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are You Wasting Time in the Gym?

Ladies, get your food in Check!

You may be hitting the gym hard everyday but if you don't have your eating habits in check, weight loss will be tough. You have to be creative and come up with good tasting, low calorie, fulfilling snacks that won't ruin your hard work. I've always found snacking challenging ( i love crunchy salty foods). I find that if I take 2 of my favorite healthy snacks with me to school I'm less likely to crave the bad stuff when I get home. It's all about planning ahead if you have healthy snacks with you, you don't even have to look in the evil vending machine for a snack. Also, try to look for snacks that have nutritional value (i.e., protein and fiber). 100 calorie snacks (crackers, chips, etc.) seem like a good idea but they typically lack nutritional value. So stick to fruits, nuts, greek yogurt, veggies, etc.

Be careful some snacks may seem healthy at first glance but make sure you read the label and check the serving size. Be especially careful with nuts, they are healthy but just be sure to watch the serving size. Also, try to avoid snacks like granola bars. They are typically high in sugar and have very little fiber and protein.

So be sure to purchase some sandwich ziplock bags so you can pack your favorite snacks for work.

Here are some of my favorite healthy snacks:

Baby Carrots
Fruits (apple, orange, grapes, etc.)
Greek Yogurt - lower calorie and more protein than your regular yogurts
Walnuts & Almond mix with a few craisins - Make sure you watch the serving size (remember almonds are lower calorie then walnuts)
Triscuits & a cheese stick - This great fulfilling snack with whole grain and protein

I typically try to pack one protein snack and one fiber snack, so an a piece fruit and nuts or yogurt.

What are your favorite healthy snacks??

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inspired: Biggest Loser Competitor Stacy Capers

Rosethefitnessinstructor pointed out how important it is to have Fitness role model that keeps you inspired. So I wanted to share mine with you.

I was listening to Biggest Loser Competitor Stacy Capers on the radio this morning. She was featured because she is an African-American woman from the D.C. area who has used her experience to benefit her community. Stacy and her husband Adam were the first team to be kicked off during their season. Despite being eliminated they persevered and lost the weight anyway! They have an amazing story to tell. What's even more amazing is that they saw this an opportunity to help others. Stacy has partnered with associations like the America Diabetes Association to spread her message to Black folks. She commented on the some of the barriers to health that are specific to our peoples. Thesde issues include THE HAIR ISSUE and high calorie/high sodium foods.

Listening to her re-inspired me and made me re-think my goals. I will continue to devote myself to motivating Women to make lifestyle changes so that they can live healthier and active lives.
Rose the fitness instructor and I have big plans for Nubian Fitness Goddess. Also, I hope to use the publicity from my feature in People Magazine to draw attention to African American Women Health Issues.
Stay inspired Ladies! You can have results like Stacy too! Rose & I will provide with you the tools to keep you on track.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Who is Your Fitness Inspiration?

Nowadays, it's very hard to find a celebrity who's a healthy lifestyle role model. By that I mean someone who loses weight the healthy, realistic way aka no plastic surgery, no starvation, no elimination of important nutrients, etc.

I see tons of TV shows and magazines pointing out celebrities who just don't fit the norm, who set unrealistic expectations, and for that matter, very few women of color.

I struggled to come up with my own list of someone who seems ideal to follow. But then it hit me, Michelle Obama! Her toned arms have been the talk of the town and she fits the mold of a healthy, strong woman who doesn't go to extreme's to keep her shape. I once had the same toned arms as her and I look forward to getting them back!

So help me out here, who is your fitness role model? No wrong answer! We want to know who's picture motivates you to hit the gym!