Monday, September 22, 2008

S.O.S: Links to Fitness III & Weight Wathchers Update

It's week 7 of the Save Our Sister Fitness Challenge (S.O.S.) ! If you still need to join , comment on the post here. It's very important that we continue to motivate each other. So ask a friend to join you in your daily exercise, today!
Sweet Potato Pie and Nubian Fitness Goddess will continue to provide with the best resources and tips.

Get Motivated!

Get some new fall fitness gear to show off that beautifully toned body you've been working on. You'll find fall fitness must haves here.

Reward Yourself!

Reward yourself by trying by trying some "No Pudge Brownies." I came across this in Trader Joes. I'm going to try them this week.

Get Active!

Keep your body active while you're act work. Try these office friendly exercises.

Pump some iron! Check out this article on weight training for African American women.

Hair Health

Revitalize your hair with this great conditioner for gymaholics. This article also has great tips on other products you can use to revitalize your hair. Check it out here!

Get Moving!

Build Your own Workout Video at Fitness Magazine's site

Today we have a playlist from Danielle. Also, check out Danielle's magazine for women of color.

*Ricky Blaze- Cut Dem Off
*Tony Matterhorn- Goodas Fi Dem
*Problem Child-Party Animal
*Machel Montano- Down D Road,
*T-Pain-Church, Flo Rida & T-Pain- Get Low
*Walk It Out and Cupid Shuffle

Want to share your playlist? Email me at and I will feature it in my next post!

Weight Watchers Update:
This is week 3 of weight watchers for me. Weight Watchers has really helped me understand my eating habits. My weekend eating habits are the worst. I need to put more effort into making better choices on the weekends. My exercise has been really consistent. This past week I ran outside 3 times ( 4 miles) and I did 4 days in the gym on the treadmill, elliptical, and strength training. So I think my goal is still within reach ( 17 more lbs by Thanksgiving).

Don't forget I'm participating in "Lose For Good." So for every pound I lose Weight Watchers will donate a pound of food to two charitable organzations. It's a great cause and I'm happy to be a part of it!

Now for the Winners of the Weight Watchers Subscriptions:
*M. Braxton
* J. Cruse

Thanks everyone for your submissions! I wish I could have given everyone a subscription.

New to the Fitness Challenge? Updates from Fitness Challenge members?
Share your thoughts and share your resources!


Anonymous said...

The No Pudge brownies are very good! I've started to see them pop up at my regular grocery stores (Publix/Kroger) in the organic/health section as well.

Fitness Goddess said...

really? good, that makes me less cautious. I was reading that all you have to do is add yogurt...that should be interesting.

Gangstarr Girl said...

I finally starting posting my fitness tips thanks to you. It's more like, things that I've tried that work that I should just keep doing. I've done Weight Watchers before too. It's a good program so good luck with your journey and if you need any support don't be afraid to holla at me. I may be a stranger, but you know how WW is, I don't mind being support to someone who may need it. I actually kinda miss those group meetings lol.