Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Exercise for your Sanity

The more I exercise the more I learn about the benefits...

Life is getting quite hectic for me right now. I have made physical activity a priority in my life so no matter what I still start my day with 35-40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of toning and strength training. I commit 1 hour a day to myself and it really is helping me deal with the stressors I encounter during the day.

My summer is officially over and I am back in school, applying for PhD programs, studying for the gre, working 2 jobs (2 part time), and planning a Regional Conference (by myself) for the National Black Graduate Student Association. Despite all this I continue to find ways to squeeze exercise in to my life. No matter how overwhelmed I get I know that I did one positive thing for my body. I am actually starting to find exercise therapeutic, I sometimes even look forward to it ( crazy, huh?)

I know many of you have lives that are just as jam packed with work and other activities. But I hope you continue to make your health a priority. You are really never to busy to exercise you just have to make a few sacrifices.

If you really feel that you are to busy for exercise then check out a few of these articles to find creative ways to fit in fitness.

* Working Out at Work
*12 Tips to Fit Fitness in Your Day
*How to Fit in Fitness

So Please make your health a priority!

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Does Exercise Bring Sanity to Your life?


todoni said...

yes it does bring sanity to my life. After a great workout I feel stronger and ready to tackle what comes my way. Like you I make time to exercise and I see the benefits!

Anonymous said...

Yes exercise is great for stress!

Cruz said...

It just hit me a couple of days ago that normal things that would usually have me wigging out don't seem like such a big deal when I'm jogging consistently.

Fitness Goddess said...

I agree with all you guys!I'm really doing a much better job at handling stress...

Jamilah said...

I just joined your blog. Its a good resource.
Just wanted to say *Hi* and that it is a small world. I was apart of NBGSA in 2006. My good friends are still apart of it (Marguerite Matthews and company). I went to the conference in Vegas.

SimplyMe said...

Just the kind of blog I need to read. Exercise does bring sanity to my life, but I struggle to find the time... which makes me more stressed. I have to make the time- wish me luck.

Fitness Goddess said...

Hey Jamilah! Wow, it is a small world! Thanks for stopping by.

You have to creative to fit exercise in your schedule. Try a fun activity like a dance class or something.

Kelly said...

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Anonymous said...

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