Monday, September 15, 2008

SOS: Better Skin, Healthier Hair, and a Beautiful Body.

Here is some motivation for my S.O.S. participants. If you haven't joined the Save Our Sister Fitness challenge invite a friend to workout with you this week! Be sure to check out the latest S.O.S tips at sweet potato pie, Hips, Butt and Thighs...OH MY!

The Benefits of Exercise:
Get Better Skin, Healthier Hair, and a Beautiful Body.

How can you get healthier skin, hair, and a beautiful toned body?
Exercise! A healthy body equals healthier hair and skin.

Your Hair is a reflection of your Health

For many black women hair is a barrier to exercise. How ironic is that considering that exercising and eating right can actually improve the health of your hair. I've experienced it first hand. I have battled dry scalp since high school. But when I started exercising I learned to care for my own hair. I deep condition once a week so now my hair is always moisturized and dry scalp is no longer an issue. It's even starting to grow a little bit.

Exercise increases the circulation of blood to your head. Proper blood circulation allows for the hair follicles to become nourished and this results in healthier hair.
So get your body in balance with a healthy diet and exercise.

Need more proof?
Healthy Hair Link

Healthy Skin

I've read that exercise can also help keep your skin clear. I haven't had to many problems with acne since high school but I do tend to breakout when I'm really stressed. So far this year I've been handling my stress really well, I attribute this to to Exercise. As a results my breakouts have been minimal.
As mentioned earlier, lack of exercise causes poor circulation. It makes you more prone to acne and breakouts. You have to exercise to make sure your body has the optimal amount of blood circulation. If you are exercising regularly you will increase the blood and oxygen flow through your body and increase the nutrients your skin gets.

Need more proof?
Healthy Skin link

Exercise allows you to take control of your body. You can improve yourself physically (hair, nails, skin, etc.) I think it is important to realized how much control you have and be the most fabulous you can be!


SimplyMe said...

Oftentimes I used the excuse of my hair as a reason not to exercise - but when I did work out it forced me to develop a routine of conditioning once a week which led to healthier hair, I was also in a better mood and my skin was glowing!

sarah said...

I agree with the hair! Also, a good stylist who can give you a "salon" deep condition and a nice clip of the ends can go a very long way in helping your hair grow.