Friday, September 5, 2008

You Are What You Drink

I have always known that soft drinks and sweetened juices are really high in calories. But I was shocked to learn that for most Americans almost a quarter of their daily calories come from these high calorie drinks. As I get more consicous about my eating habits I am also going to try and count down on all the sugary drinks. I'm going to try and substitute the sugary drinks with Crystal Light or Minute Maid Light Lemonade (it doesn't taste too bad).

Breaking the habit of drinking kool aid, soft drinks, lemonade, etc. is a hard habit to break because most people in our communities grow up drinking this stuff. It's cheaper than 100% Juice and it tastes great. I admit is difficult for me, I crave fruity drinks from time to time sometimes water just doesn't cut it. But decreasing my caloric intake by 21% is definitely worth switching lemonade for lemonade light. It is clear that sweetened fruit drinks and soda are causing problems in the African American Community. Several studies have found that Soft drinks are linked to increased risk for Diabetes in African America Women.

In a study at Boston Univerisity they found that Women who consumed two or more soft drinks a day had a 24 percent increase in incidence of relative to women who drank less than one soft drink per month. A similar association was observed for sweetened fruit drinks, with a 31 percent increase observed for two or more servings per day relative to less than one per month.

If you haven't already starting adding more water and cutting the soft drinks these articles should convince you!

Study Links Soft Drinks and Fruit Drinks with Risk of Diabetes in African American Women

You Are Also What You Drink


PBW said...

Great post!

I hoard my calories for food, so I mostly drink water, black coffee and an occasional Diet Coke.

Anonymous said...

I've never had a problem drinking calorie-free beverages. Like the PP, I don't mind drinking diet stuff. I'm not drinking diet soda anymore but there are tons of juice like options that are low calorie. In fact, I almost can't stand the full sugar stuff - it is way too sweet for me. My father was a huge lover of all things juice and soda. He gave it all up one day and dropped a ton of weight fast. 200 calories a pop x 5-6 Cokes/Snapples a day adds up.

Product Junkie Diva said...

WOW I was just talking to someone today about my water intake. I was a kool aid drinking gal since who knows when, sugar filled drinks- bring it on. However in August I decided to start making some changes and I have to tell you my body craves water all the time now. I am so past soda and kool aid , don't get me wrong it tastes good but once you go about 2-3 straights weeks without taking in that stuff you won't really miss it.
Also I wanted to you see this post :-)

Fitness Goddess said...


Thanks I will join the campaign!

SimplyMe said...

I stopped drinking soda and juice regularly during college- it was more for vanity reasons and I didn't realize the benefits until way after. Plus like PBW I want to hoard my calories for food! :)