Sunday, July 19, 2009

Black Women ,Hair, and Exercise

Our Hair and exercise is an on going issue for most women. It's great to see that the newstation in my hometown (Chicago), decided to do a special on it. Robin Robinson brings up many important issues in this video. Watch it, so we can discuss!

(If the video doesn't work CLICK HERE)

I have addressed the "Hair Issue" several times on my blog. At the end of the day everywoman must decided for herself what works for her. It is great to have resources and options. Here are some of my older posts on the "Hair Issue"

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I know y'all got something to say, so put ur 2 cents in.


Laura B said...

I normally put mine in a ponytail. I find that to be the most practical.

Fitness Goddess said...

I used to do that but my hair is shorter now. Now I put a cotton headband and leave the back down. I leave the headband on when I'm done working out. The key is to not touch it until it dries. Usually when it dries I take the headband off and it looks like normal.

Antravia said...

I thought this was a great video. Its not something that I would typically see. I've cut my hair shorter (asymmetrical bob) since the hubby took such great issue with going natural. I exercise at home so my regimen doesn't put me to shame. I tie the short side (which is like 3/4 of my head) down and pin the remaining longer hair on rollers like I'm doing a set. I workout in the rollers. When I'm done I take a quick shower and sit under the bonnet dryer until the hair is 85 to 90% dry. I put a little oil on my scalp and tie the rest of it down with a scarf overnight. If needed I touch it up with a curling iron, always using a heat protection spray. It works and I look nice and professional for work. I still believe natural is better though.

Chas said...

I have a partial weave and I had to live and learn, Initially I would blow dry and straighten my hair right after the gym but now I wear a headband to have it soak up the sweat and let my natural hair airdry and then style in the weave. I haven't had much breakage with this method and i usually moisturize my hair with olive oil daily.

Madame said...

Being commited to an active lifestyle (newly) further fueled my enthusiasm to choose wearing my hair it it's natural form ... Managing a relaxer and working out was so very challenging for me ... it wasn't worth the stress ... with multiple sclerosis, I also have issues with things being tied to my head so bands and scarves weren't that pleasing of an idea either ... :/ Now I'm able to rinse and condition after, pull it back in a bun and got back to work ... lol ... great vid!