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BetterU Challenge Update: Participant S.C.

A quick reminder:

Nubian Fitness Goddess is participating in the American Heart Association BetterU Challenge. I received a great response from readers interested in Participating. If you are interested please click here. Also, if you join the challenge create a fitness list to keep you motivated, more information here.

A few readers have graciously agreed to share their experiences with you. Today participant/reader S.C. will share her experience. I am sure some of you can relate to her. She like most black women has several stressors to deal with. Despite theses obstacles she has joined the challenged and lost 4 lbs! She is currently in the third week of the program. She is doing an awesome job!!! Please share your encouragement, motivation, or any questions for her via comments.

Participant S.C.

  • Age: 37 (I'll be 38 next month)
  • Current weight: 182 pounds
  • Height: 5'4.75
  • Bust: 38
  • Waist: 35
  • Hips: 45

Family status: Married, mother of a 10-year old and a 4-year old (both boys). The 4-year old lives with his mother, but had long stays at our house frequently until recently.

Work status: I'm an office manager (which means I sit for long periods of time while at work). I work 9 hour days Monday-Thursday and 4 hours on Friday.

Life Stressors:

  • Finances: I'm currently the only one working in the home and things are tight.
  • Family: My husband has medical problems that stress him out day in and day out. I find myself carrying some of this stress. We've been unable to see my stepson for the past couple of months due to extreme "baby mama drama". We miss him terribly and seeing my husband in so much pain takes its toll.


Daily Exercise: I'm not and have never been a morning person. I've tried several times in the past to get up at 4 or 5 in the morning to exercise before work. It's very difficult for me. I think mainly due to the fact that I don't arrive home from work until 6 p.m. or shortly after. In the past I made the effort to get up and work out in the a.m. and I was consistent for a couple of weeks. When I come home I'm usually tired and I have about 4 hours of time before it's time to go to bed. It seems everyone needs attention because they haven't seen me all day. I spend time with my son before he goes to bed between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. and I spend the time with my husband before we go to bed. There are a few occasions where I will come home and cook, but for the most part my husband takes care of that since he's home.

On the weekend I lack motivation. I view the weekend as my "off" days. Sometimes I go to the garage and walk on the treadmill on Saturday. I think the stress over finances and other issues and having had worked all week just makes me feel like blah.

Eating: Planning separate meals for myself seems like a chore to me. Something I have to set aside time for. I don't feel like I have a ton of time. I've done pretty good lately at making sure I eat breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, a afternoon snack and dinner. I seem to eat better during the week than I do on the weekend. The only time I really have a hard time with "unhealthy" snacks during the week is during my cycle time. When it's that time of the month it seems I have to have chocolate. It doesn't help that one of my co-worker's mom works for Hershey and he always brings a ton of candy to work to share with us. I'm pretty good at resisting except for when I feel I need a afternoon pickup or when it's that time of the month. The only other thing I can think of when it comes to my eating habits is the fact that I love bread and pasta.

I don't belong to a gym, but I have a treadmill, exercise ball and Ab Lounger at home. Plus, the weather is going to be nice soon in California so I have the outdoors for walking or riding my bicycle.

Her Fitness List

Week 1: Eat one serving of fruits and/or vegetables with each meal. I have completed the first week and have met this goal. I am continuing with this goal.

2. Week 2: Take my two 10 minute breaks on each work day. Enjoy a brisk 10 minute walk on each break or combine into one 20 minute power walk.

3. Week 3: Avoid eating sweets that are high in calories, fat, sugar and carbs. Only have in moderation (no more than once per week if at all) and practice portion control to limit calories.

4. Week 4: Eat dinner before 8 p.m. and do not snack after 9 p.m. Allow at least an hour after eating anything before going to bed.

5. Week 5: Increase aerobic exercise from 5 days a week to 6 days a week minimum (I intend to exercise 6 days a week until I reach my goal weight).

6. Week 6: Incorporate strength training exercises three times a week.

7. Week 7: Increase my green tea intake by drinking green tea each morning during the week instead of coffee. Limit coffee to the weekend and on occasion during the week.

8. Week 8: Go to bed before 10 p.m. during the work week (for some reason I can never get to bed before 11 and often times I don't drift off to sleep until nearly midnight).

9. Week 9: Exercise in the early a.m. before starting my work day and on the weekends. (This will require me to get up in the 5 a.m. hour Monday-Friday in order to exercise before leaving for work. Waking up that early is challenging for me).

10. Week 10: Incorporate jogging into my activity regimen (start off with once a week and increase over time as my endurance increases).

In the coming days/weeks I will share info from other participants. I must admit I have not been very focused lately. I am still adjusting to D.C. and I moved into a new apartment this past weekend. Anyway, look for more articles to come!

Remember Share your comments, motivation, encouragement with S.C. via Comments. Let's keep each other motivated!!!

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Charlotte said...

Congratulations on your success so far!! Inspiring! I was glad to see that one of your goals was to begin to get up early to exercise, EVEN though you are not a morning person. I've personally found that to be the key to ensuring that I exercise when I should. Even with the hair hassles, the payoff has been worth it and let's face it, one can come up with 100 reasons not to exercise when they're mentally or physically tired after work.

Take your time and don't try to do too much too fast and again, congrats. You should be really proud of yourself!