Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moms and Exercise

This is advice for Moms or Moms-to-be on taking care of yourself by exercising and eating right.
I have been a Mom for 25 years! I had lost myself in motherhood. I woke up one day and had no family to care for anymore. I am now a divorced empty-nester.
I am turning back to exercise and focusing on myself again. I have been inspired by my daughter who runs five miles a day. I have started running a mile when I can work it in my schedule. I also do pilates and yoga. I try to do one hundred sit ups a day. This keeps my belly flat. I had four children so this keeps my mom pouch tight.
I will be 51 this year. I am in excellent health. I eat high protein lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish) plus lots of fruits and vegetables. My breakfast is protein shake with yogurt and fruit blended together. When I am on the run I eat a protein bar and an apple for breakfast. I rarely eat fast food. I eat very little salt.
At one time we were vegetarians. I believe in eating herbal supplements. I love Herbalife.
I am not perfect in my eating habits. I love sweets. My grandmother raised me on eating ice cream and cookies or cake everyday for dessert. I try to substitute it for yogurt, homemade sorbet, or jello.
I have worked out over the years off and on. I am okay with that. I know that I am the type of person who works out sometimes. I don't beat myself up about it. When I am tired of being a couch potato then I start working out again. That is the way I am. There is no right or wrong.
I was married to an athlete. I watched him workout consistently daily for years. Sometimes he would workout two or three times a day. He had the discipline to do that. Sometimes I would just sit back and watch him go. I learned that I am not wired that way. I am okay with who I am. I am healthy that is what is important.
Being a Mom is demanding, one can get lost in the routine of consistently giving, caring and putting others first. Just do what you can for yourself when you can. Let the guilt go. Guilt holds you back. There is no perfect mother or caretaker.
After the birth of my first-born, I did aerobics home with the TV while my newborn rocked in the swing. I played with my children. I taught my girls to jump rope. I ran with my children teaching them to skate and ride bikes. I have done a water aerobics while we did family swim night. We have done family bike rides. I have taken a YMCA exercise instructor course and taught class to fellow headstart mothers. I have walked for miles. I have jogged. I have had gym memberships. I have attended dance classes.
In order to get moving:
  • Focus on improving your health and having fun instead of losing weight.
  • Try different things. Find out what gives you joy. What makes you feel good?
  • Remember back to when you were a child. What games did you play?
  • Did you jump rope, skate, ride a bike, run with your dog?
  • See yourself playing, moving and being active.
  • Believe you can be active.
  • I suggest mothers should start by playing with your children.
  • Find your inner child and share it with your children.
  • Schedule some alone time to exercise by yourself, significant other or with a friend.
  • Read exercise books, magazine, websites or watch exercise videos or tv shows.
When I was depressed or stressed and eating myself crazy; I would eat myself sick until I was ready to make a change and get active again. Just because that is where you are sometimes doesn't mean you can't stop and change it. Stop beating yourself up. Let it go and breathe.
Your love and time is more important that worrying about whatever is stressing you.
Have a family member or friend babysit and do something special for yourself to recharge your batteries.
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FLAMBOYANTchiq said...

Very inspiring. I have twin four year olds and I rarely have time for myself. The more weight I gain the bigger my Mom Pouch gets and that depresses me. Motivation for me starts with my mind. Reading how other mothers are able to do the things that I want to do, makes me feel like I am capable.This site helps alot.

Anonymous said...

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Laura B said...

I agree. Very important that Moms take good care of themselves.