Friday, January 7, 2011

Product Review: Sportline SOLO 925

It's a New Year and time to track your fitness goals. Tracking your progress will keep you motivated. A heart rate monitor can help you with your fitness goals. I decided to pick one up because this year I decided to ditch the treadmill and mix things up a bit. I have been doing a lot of classes like Kick Boxing, Spin, and even West African Dance. I was looking for a new heart rate monitor to keep me motivated and to make sure I am in my target zone. I came across the Sportline 925. It seemed like a good choice because I wanted to replace my old heart rate monitor with one that did not require a chest strap. With the Sportline 925 you can view your heart rate with one touch (no chest strap necessary). It's so much easier to keep up with and it also tracks your steps and calories! I love the fact that I can got to Spin class and see my heart rate and calories burned. Also, I found myself moving more just to see the steps on the pedometer increase. This monitor is especially good for all you ladies that enjoy running outside. You can track your mileage and miles power hour. So, if you are looking for fitness gadget to add your wish list you should definitely check this out.

It has a ton of features, see below:

  • Any-Touch Interface
  • Integrated Pedometer
  • ECG Accurate HRM
  • HR Zone Manager
  • Audible Out-of-Zone Alerts
  • Calories-Burned Calculator
  • % of Max HR Indicator
  • Chronograph & Countdown Timer
  • Dual-Time
  • Daily Alarm
  • 50m Water Resistant


Janessa Elena said...

Wish I had one! That heart rate feature could have come in handy

Tiffany Y. said...

I have this exact model. I love it, it really comes in handy for me being that I'm a calorie counter!

Brick House Project said...

I have this particular watch and I can't say that I am fond of it. After using this watch consistently over the past 4 months, it seems to overestimate calorie burns at some times and to underestimate it at others. Therefore, I take the readings with a grain of salt. I guess something is better than nothing, though. All heart rate monitors estimate, but I wonder if this one is accurate enough. There is no way to enter your personal weight and height which could affect the number of calories you burn also.

Anonymous said...

Brick House Project.. You have settings to enter your exact height, weight, gender and birth date.
not sure but you may want to read the instructions again. the measurements seem right on.
I do not like the 10 second delay. If I walk for 5 seconds then it wont count them. That is my only complaint.

Nicole Thomas said...

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