Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Goddess Guide to a Healthy and Happy Holiday

Alright, Goddesses! We are at the peak of holiday season. This means lots of holiday cocktails, appetizers, desserts--oh my! How can one survive without falling off the weight loss/fitness wagon? Don't fear! We've gathered our favorite and realistic tips out there into one easy guide just for you!

-Meet with your scale once a day: While we know weight can fluctuate throughout the week, especially for women, its been proven that when you check your weight, your more likely to be motivated to stay on track and avoid the "cheat days".

-Make time for fitness: Its important to keep your body moving. Not only will you burn more calories, but you'll stay inspired to keep it healthy each day, thus helping you make healthy decisions at your next holiday party. You don't have to drag yourself to the gym, you can find plenty of workouts to do at home or outside in any health and fitness magazine!

-Savor the goodies: Go ahead! eat your cake, drink another glass of wine. Just take yoru time when you do. Sipping or nibbling slowly will allow your brain time to register when its really full. If you eat to fast, your brain won't catch up!

-Don't deprive yourself: The more you do, the more likely your going to binge. So have a slice of pie, just keep the tip above in mind ;).

-Use leftovers to your advantage: Grab some extra turkey, veggies, etc. for a few extra healthy meals for the next few days after the big Christmast dinner.

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health developers said...

According to me, the best way to avoid that extra piece of pie is to distract from eating and concentrate on some useful work rather than on food.
Also some have the notion that we can eat extra and work out extra in the gym to burn those extra calories. This is also a very wrong concept.