Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Join My Weight Loss Journey: Month 1

Our mission for this blog is to be supportive, authentic, and a place where women of color can come to find resources and tools to help them live a healthy lifestyle.

We send out links, rate products, share tips--but now we want to take it one step further.

As many of you know, I'm a BodyPump instructor, but what many of you don't know is I'm also an average African American woman who struggles with her weight. In college, senior year, I lost 68 lbs doing Weight Watchers. I was on top of the world. Gaining confidence and becoming a BodyPump instructor to inspire others.

Flash forward to 6 years later, and I became a statistic. Some say 95% of people who lose weight gain it back, but others disagree with that percentage, with good reason. There are many people who keep it off, and sadly other people like me, who seem to struggle to maintain.
This year, after a tough 2 years, I’m ready to get back to the fit me. (see my FIT picture).
I know the following works for me: accountability, friendly competition, and small rewards.
So you all will help me out with the accountability part. I think if I check in once a month with my progress, making a promise to all of you to do so. This will help keep me in check, avoiding the potential cheat days that will throw me off my game.
So here I am. Month 1.

Current stats:
Weight: 223
Heigh: 5’8
Body fat %: 40%
Current Weight Loss method: WeightWatchers PointsPlus
Ultimate Goal Weight: 175
My Pros: I enjoy working out.
My cons: I’m an emotional eater who has trouble drinking water per my diet soda addiction.

During my month of hopeful progress, I’ll be sharing updates on roadblocks, solutions, and handy tips that help me reach my goal.

Will you join me? If you’d like to be accountable to hundreds of your fellow goddesses across the country, please send me your month one photo, your stats as I listed them above, and a brief intro about your goal sand weight loss journey to

Yours in Health,



Anonymous said...

Love it! N will try my best to check u out! I was previously involved in an online group but ended that affiliation. Currently, I'm a proud member of another great group of ladies on FB n beyond that are "keeping it Movin" (The Miss Lottabody Movemen) with support, accountability like u said "a lil competition! Lol Good luck n see u later!

Carmella "Caramelondamove"

Michelle @ Radiant Brown Beauty said...

You go girl! You look wonderful. I started in January this is month 1 for me going into month 2

I confess I had help - got strep throat and was sick for like 4-5 days (still) and didn't eat much.

lost 14 pounds total so far

Aria82 said...

that's wonderful! i will be sure to follow, I invite you to follow me as well! I've been trying to take before pics, hoping to get them up this weekend.

CurlyKye said...

I commend you for your text & pic!!!! I am definitely on that road with you. I am using I would love to join a gym soon but I want to prove to myself that i am serious by showing commitment to my change in eating habits & becoming more active at a cost of FREE!

Good luck! And i would love to read more about your breakfast, lunch and dinner meal ideas....oh and also snacks! ;-)

Randi said...

This is great! I will join (taking my pic tonight) I'm already 50.5 lbs down! I still have about 65 more lbs to lose. My mini goal is to lose 20 by my birthday which falls on memorial day weekend (1st party weekend of spring).

steph302 said...

Blogging is a great motivation. Accountability is an important part of the follow-through. It's easy to cheat if no-one's watching. Good luck to you! I'll be sending in my info to join you on your fitness journey.