Sunday, March 14, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I recently read the new issue of Women's Health magazine and I saw an article about healthy detoxing. It seems like a realistic plan to follow (if I had time to go grocery shopping or even afford some of the items they listed), but it was for a 5 foot 3-155 lb person, aka NOT me. I was eager to try it anyways, but then I stopped for a second and realized that perhaps the reason I gained almost half the weight I lost, is because I'm always trying to rush and find the quickest way to reach my goal.

I learned that the faster you go, the harder it is to keep the weight off. Losing .5 to 1 lb per a week is ideal, even if it seems to slow, its the healthy way to go!

I have a wedding (I'm the maid of honor) and cruise vacation coming up, in about 70 days. I keep telling myself that I MUST lose weight to have a great time. But do I really need to be a smaller size to enjoy a vacation? No! Instead, I should focus on losing weight in a slow and steady pace. Whatever weight I am come the wedding/cruise, I need to find clothes that flatter my shape and figure. If I don't get to wear a two piece bikini, its not the end of the world. There is always next summer!

Our society is so locked in to this "quick-fix" phenomenon, that we forget what the weight loss journey is all about--learning to implement healthy eating and physical activity into our every day lives. Whatever plan works for you, make sure its something that you can uphold for a LIFETIME. So the "no eating any carbs" or the constant detoxes you choose to do, may work in the short term, but that weight will come back to haunt you later. Trust me.

Share your lessons learned on long-term weight loss! What method, program, or strategy has worked best on KEEPING the pounds off for you?


Big Sis said...

This is very helpful! i needed this! so true~!

Tiffany said...

yeah, this was just the encouragement I needed! Thanks!!

Kitoko Nakimera said...

Thanks for sharing. I too have struggled with getting the weight off quickly to have a good time only to show up to a place and realize there are bigger women there having a wonderful time and it is because they love who they are.

Recently I have been relearning how to eat and trying to have a new relationship with food. My progress is slow but so far all of the changes I have implemented are changes I can live with long term.

KriKri4lif said...

well i know that media makes it seem as if detoxing is the way 2 shed pounds but really.....its not. detoxing is about cleaning out all the bad stuff in your body and pressing the restart button so that you can start over all around healthy. the reason for the weight loss is because you are usually on a diet consisting of much less food than you normally ate before. so of course your gonna lose the weight while on the detox but once you star eating normal again you are going 2 gain all the weight back. it is not that detoxing does not is just that it is not meant for weight loss.