Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All You Have to Do is JUMP to Get Fit!

This past weekend, I bought jump rope from Target ($3). Why? What can a piece of rope do to get you fit? Here's why!

-You can burn tons of calories in a short amount of time.
- 10 minutes of vigorous jumping can havethe same benefits as a 30-minute jog.
-A great way to improve balance, coordination, and increase your endurance.\
-You can find your abs (don't kill yourself doing a bunch of crunches, when you need to burn the fat off first!)

With the nice weather finally coming out, I'm ready to jump back into my outside workouts! I know you remember jumping rope when you were just a kid! Now find your inner child, borrow that jump rope from your little sister, cousin, whoever, and jump away!

If jumping rope sounds boring, try a few of these workouts to keep it fun!

Self magazine

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Jump rope is just one quick, easy, and fun outside workout to do. What other "quickie" workouts do you do to get fit?


duvide-frank said...

We have quite a few skipping techniques in video loops for the single jump rope here.

duvide Jumpropes

Fitness Goddess said...

I enjoy jumping rope as a part of my workout routine. It is a delightful change from my normal running or elliptical.

Sushie said...

When i was a kid, i'm loving doing jumps with this jump rope, it was so funny and i was very "strong" at this game, mwahaha! I was doing that everyday in recreational room, it is why i was hyper fit! ^^'