Saturday, August 1, 2009

Body Image: No matter what size you are, self-acceptance is important before you begin your weight loss journey.

I'm excited to announce a new addition to the Nubian Fitness goddess team. She has decided to contiribute regularly. Her next post will contain more information about her weight loss journey.

Please enjoy the first post by Ms. Hooks

Body Image: No matter what size you are, self-acceptance is important before you begin your weight loss journey.

In today’s media, we see nonrealistic images for what today’s healthy black women look like. We see the Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s in magazines but is this a realistic image to see while we as average black women take part in our weight loss/healthy living journey? The Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s don’t show the realistic body image that young women should aspire to have. Young black women need to aspire for a body image that’s healthy for them. We come in ALL different shapes and sizes.

It’s important is that you, as a black woman, can appreciate how your body is made and accept the genes and the curves that God has blessed you with. Yes, working out and eating healthy can improve your body, but at the end of the day, there is only so much you can do to change your frame and how your body is naturally shaped. Mental health is an important tool when striving for your weight loss goals.

According to the Office on Women’s Health (Department of Health and Human Services), poor body image can lead to emotional distress, unhealthy dieting habits, and eating disorders. This is something that can eventually disrupt your weight loss journey. Before you can change your body, you need to make sure you like what you see in the mirror now!

Here are some tips on how to achieve a positive body image:

Exercise. Yes, get sweaty and work those muscles. After a great work out, you’ll feel nice and toned.
Go shopping. Find clothes that flatter your body shape. Highlight your strong features to feel sexy in whatever you wear, workout clothes included!
Talk to yourself. Look in the mirror and say out loud, “I am beautiful”. Hearing and saying this out loud can increase your self-esteem.
Accept compliments. How many of us hear “You look nice today!” To only respond “I look horrible/I hate my outfit/My hair is not looking on point”. Try saying “Thank you!”. We as black women need to focus on the positive, not the negative.
Eat healthy. Eat your vegetables and take your vitamins. This can help you grow healthy hair, strong nails, and have glowing skin.

Remember, before you reach any milestone in your weight loss journey, positive body image is important or you’ll never be happy with what you see.


Fitness Goddess said...

Ms. Hooks,

You're right about the compliments things. I need to work on that myself. Anyway, I am so happy to have you on board!

Alex, aka SocialButterfly said...

Love the blog post! I can always use another reason to go shopping... ;)

Laura B said...

You're 100% right. Thankfully I have a very supportive partner who constantly reassures me. I am so thankful and grateful for the strength she gives me.

NZ said...

I love that inspirational message. I think all of us go through a period of self doubt, of seeing ourselves as not being good enough or pretty enough. We have to remember that though we want to be healthy that we are more than just our bodies and our looks. Society judges us constantly on those things. We have to realize that we have a package...all of us mind, body and spirit and the personality, attitude and sharing of our personal gifts.

JMack said...

Great message! Most people begin their journeys so that one day they can accept their body image. Accepting yourself as you are in the first place takes so much pressure off of losing the weight and achieving a certain body type. It actually helps it becomes more of a journey and less of a race.
I definitely need to work on that.

Erin Huggins said...

Great blog! And you are so right.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Much needed advice.

- msdre

luvlylayd said...

Yes indeed! I was thinking about this just the other day. I needed to give myself a pep talk.

Always remind yourself that you STILL look good ladies! & it's important to come to terms w/ your own personal body type. You CANNOT have anyone else's body but yours, & you only get one!!