Monday, May 11, 2009


About two weeks ago my fiancee threatened to get rid of my scale because he didn't think I needed to weigh myself everyday. At the time I did not see the problem, I just like to be sure that I am at least maintaining my weight loss. Well, ironically a few days after he said that it cracked....

I keep a glass scale in my bathroom so that I can weigh myself regularly. I went to put it away and it broke into a million pieces. At first I was upset because I was going to have to purchase another one. Then I realized I was free....

free from weighing myself daily or sometimes more than once a day, free from being dissapointed because I gained a pound
. My weight fluctuates by about 5 lbs and watching the scale fluctuate drives me crazy. I realized that weighing my self everday was torture. Keeping track of my weightloss was a good habit gone wrong. I realized that certain habits that I needed in the beggining of my weight loss are not necessary now.

As I mention all the time my goal is to be healthy and committed to my health for life! I certainly don't anticipate getting on the scale everyday for the rest of my life. So I am happy that scale is broken.

Update! I'm moving to D.C. in June (hurray!!). I'll be starting research at my program early. I am still fully committed to my weight loss. I have new motivation (my wedding) so I am trying to switch things up find a new fun workout to tone up. I'm almost done with finals so keep checking back I'll post new tips, product reviews, and maybe even some recipes (i'm trying to cook healthier).


Do you think weighing yourself everyday is unhealthy?

Do you have any bad habits you need to free yourself from?

Any weight loss updates?
Stay motivated ladies!

~~~Nubian Fitness Goddess~~~~


Laura B said...

Congratulations on being free. I think it can be unhealthy to weigh yourself everyday - like anything is best in moderation. The bad habit that I need to break is procrastination!

Fitness Goddess said...

I agree....moderation is key.

Thanks for stopping by~

LaShawn Lytle said...

LOVE your blog.
I too am trying to lose weight.
And I too want to be smaller by the time I get married. Luckily I have 2 years.

My fiance hated when I weighed myself too. The day after he said that he dropped it (actually an accident) and I hadn't weighed myself until the other day....and it felt great!

Anonymous said...

I have a trick that is a bit unconventional but it works wonders!

i live in the MD/DC area and I refuse to keep a scale in my home, instead I use my boyfriends friend's ever time we go to his place to hang out. His friend lives in NO.VA. So that means to get to a scale, I have to drive about 35 mins plus traffic to weigh!!

I say it works wonders because i really get to see the true fruits of my labor. Weighing myself abt every 2 weeks or so, the changes seem more dramatic, and makes me want to work harder.

Now I look forward to going to my boyfriend friends house to watch sports, bc i get to weigh myself and get a self esteem boost too!

SoulCry said...
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SoulCry said...

I no longer weigh myself at all. To gear my weightloss (or shall I say success) I only take measurements.

I was working out hard (5-6 days a week) and eating clean, but that wicked scale would laugh at my efforts...never budging...yet, the inches kept coming off. Not seeing the scale move would send me into depression and times, on the verge of just giving up.

...I mean my breasts and locs must at least weigh 35lbs...right? lol

Why was I punishing myself like that? Especially when I felt good and my body was tightening up (thanks to all those workouts).

The best day ever was when put my $150 scale in storage (Jan 2009). FREEDOM.

I have now lost 2.5 dresses since. How much do I weigh? Who knows. But what I do know, I look great!

Fitness Goddess said...

Did you ever tell your fiancee he was right about the scale? I never

That's a great idea.... u have to really go out of you way to get to the scale

I feel ya girl....that's exactly how I felt..I am pretty happy with the size so why should I put myself through the agony.

TMarie said...

This is hilarious because something similar happened to me. My weight fluctuates in a weeks the most 5lbs. I weigh myself religious everyday after the gym (evening) and in the morning. Just recently, I finally hit a target weight and was beyond excited. The next day, after my gym weigh in, I had gained 4lbs - putting me back in a slump. I was very upset and I figured if I stood backwards or sideways on the scale - the numbers would change. It didn't. Needless to say, I cracked the the digital reader from standing in awkward locations. I feel a bit relieved...weigh-ins can get a stressful. The scale is like a flaky boyfriend. Just shifty : )

Never200 said...

Man, I needed to read this post to know that I am not alone. I was just complaining to a coworker about how my weight fluctuates constantly. I don't' think I am ready to stop weighing myself, I am too far from my goal. I keep it to once a day and don't weight myself if I've eaten salty foods or if my cycle is coming because I know how it will affect the scale and therefore my emotions. This post reminded me of the importnce of progress pics and measurements. Glad to see you posting regularly again...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the idea of just being healthy. I too was very disappointed after working out on the average of 5 days a week and not seeing the scale move. I made a pact with myself that I am doing good for my body and health. I went down 2 dress sizes and my body feels stronger. Its a matter of just rejuvenating those internal cells and being at the best health we can possibly can. I don't know about YOU but I am 47 and want to be walking, switching and being a diva 10 years or more from now. I want to be healthy and glowing.