Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easy ways to get Fit this Summer!

Summer is almost here and I know a lot of you are trying to meet your fitness goals so you can be fit and fly. I've come across a few great products to make getting FIT this summer a little easier. Also, it's great to reward yourself with new gadgets and fitness gear. It keeps working out fresh and exciting.

Here are some items I plan to try out this summer.....

I love to show my freshly pedicured toes during the summer so I love flip flops. Well, I have found some shoes that will tone your legs while you walk...amazing! Also, they have more support then regular flip flops so they reduce joint strain. These are definitely worth trying this summer. I love flip flops but regular flip flops do not have enough support. The benefit of toning my legs puts these shoes at the top of my list. Curious as to how FitFlops work? Click here to learn about the new technology.
The Nike-Ipod Sport Kit
Now you guys now I love running especially during the summer. This little gadget is great for keeping track of your distance, calories burned, and pace. You can even program custom workouts. This is a great little gadget for the summer.

Fantasia Frizz Buster Silk Smooth Straightening Cream

This product is not really a reward but a day where my hair acts right is always rewarding. I am constantly looking for products to make hair maintenance just a little bit easier. A friend recommended this product to me. Anything that may make taking care of my hair easier I am willing to try. (I'll let you know how it goes)

MBT Shoes

Shoes that burn calories? Yes it is true there are shoes that actually increase the amount of calories you burn. The shoes are designed specifically to activate more muscles which in turn boosts your metabolism and burns more calories. I am all for effortlessly burning more calories so this are worth a try. Click here to read more about MBT shoes.


Any great products you recommend for the summer?

Any suggestions on how to keep working out easy and fun this summer?

Also, share your fitness goals for the summer. Can't wait to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

I like the MIT shoes..but I showed them to my man and he said they looked silly. He said he saw a woman out wearing them and thought she had a "club foot" or something. So I guess if you aren't willing to sacrifice fashion go with the flip flops.

I think these shoes would be great to wear while outlet shopping.. walking around the huge shopping center is mos def a work out!

Fitness Goddess said...

Yeah I am definitely going to pick up a pair of the fitflops.