Monday, June 16, 2008

How to FIT in Fitness: Making time for Exercise

How can you find time to add exercise into your jam packed life?

The busier you are the more creative you have to be, but it is possible. I thought I would share some tips that I suggested for a reader that emailed me. Her life like many of yours is a balancing act so she has to work extra hard to find time to squeeze in exercise. Read her question and my suggestions below.

If any of you are in similar situations; balancing work, children, school, etc. please comment and tell us how you manage to balance everything.

Hi Fitness Goddess, I like your blog I wanted to get some advice from you. I recently read your blog and Daryl's blog and I agree, however I have a bit of stomach fat problem that I've never had a problem with before, even after my son I lost all my weight. I'm 27 my son is 7 and I've been 20-30 lbs overweight for about a year and a half now I like being 170 at my age that's slim for me because I'm 5'8, currently I'm195 lbs and it's mainly thigh and belly fat. I have no problems with working out, but being in school and working /single mom, it gets a bit hard. I went on a strict diet at one point after joining the gym and lost 17lbs, but gained it back once I got busy again with school, etc. Can you give me some advice with my up and down busy schedule? Thanks and again nice blog!

My Suggestions:

1. If you have an hour lunch break; you can use have half of your lunch break to walk briskly a mile or two. Use the other half to eat a healthy lunch that you brought to work ( this way you avoid getting fast food and save $$)

2. Find a physical activity that both you and your son can enjoy together. This way you can get quality time with your son and exercise ( e.g. you can play a b-ball game of "HORSE", or jog beside him while he rides his bike/skateboards, go swimming together). Try to do this at least 3 times a week.

3. See if you can find 15-20 min before you get dressed to an exercise DVD like yoga or pilates You can even find exercise tapes on ( I have used 8 min Abs and buns on Youtube). Try to do this 5 days week.

4. Pack your own lunch (you will have more control over what you eat)

5. I really recommend that take you advantage of the summer and jog or walk in the mornings before work or class. Even if you can only do a half hour, you will feel the difference.

Please comment and tell us how you manage to balance everything!

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