Saturday, June 21, 2008

How Healthy Are You? Assess Your Health

Assessing Your Health

You spend all this time exercising and eating right but how do you assess your health? In addition to going to your doctor, there are great resources online. The Black Women's Health Imperative has created an online assessment tool to assess and offer suggestions on your health. The assessment is also great for people that have just begun exercising. There is the option to create a 13 week activity plan that is created specifically for your needs.

At the link below you will find the free tool called “Fitness Center” that allows you to enter information about your eating, exercise, and sleep habits. The fitness center tool takes a really detailed account of your health based off your responses and offers you a detailed assessment.

These tools are great for those of us who do not have time/money for a personal trainer.

Check it out!

In addition to using these tools I measure my health by the increase in my endurance while running. When I first started running about 3 months ago I would run a mile, walk 5 minutes, and then run a another half mile. Now I run about two miles , walk for 5 minutes, and run another half mile. I have also increased my speed on the treadmill by from 5 mph - 6 mph.

So How Do You Assess Your Health???
Are these tools helpful for you?

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