Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My ZUMBA Choreography SUCKS!

Practicing My ZUMBA Choreography Jamaican Cumbia
Practicing My ZUMBA Choreography Jamaican Cumbia

Yesterday was an off day for me, my mind and body were not in sync. I was just having one of those days. I got stuck in traffic and arrived late to ZUMBA class of my ZUMBA instructor mentor Stephanie. She has been gracious enough to include me in her busy schedule.

After class I spent about an hour practicing my ZUMBA choreography to one of my favorite songs Jamaican Cumbia. One can watch the video and see that I forget the routine. This road to becoming an excellent ZUMBA instructor may take a minute. I have so much to work on: learning the music, dance steps, and proper form.

I taught a class for about 25 minutes. I practice the choreography then I get in front of a class and forget the dance steps. I forget the variations to the dance moves. My routine is boring. I am not using the cues. I am not listening to the music. I only know three songs and ended up making dance routines. Class participants stopped dancing. One person went and got on their cell phone. I really was not prepared but it was a teaching moment for me. I really am not practicing hard enough.

It seems easy being a ZUMBA instructor.

Thank you to the class participants for allowing me to practice my ZUMBA choreography.  I have been on the other side thinking this instructor stinks now I know how it feels.

Time to go practice! I am not giving up!

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Jennifer said...

I really applaud you on this! Not many of us will go out and be a zumba instructor! Awesome! I know you will kill it!