Friday, July 10, 2015

Fixing My ZUMBA Choreography


There is nothing like a new pair of kicks to make you feel better. I am ready to get back to practicing my ZUMBA choreography with my ZUMBA dance shoes. While at ZUMBA instructor training Jeanna Bostic told the class about the benefits of wearing ZUMBA shoes which are designed with circles on the bottom of the shoe to help glide across the floor. Jenna Bostic recommended wearing insoles for more comfort in the shoes.

ZUMBA WEAR Shoes with circles design to you glide while dancing
ZUMBA WEAR Shoes with circles design to you glide while dancing
There is definitely a difference in dancing in ZUMBA shoes versus my Brook running shoes. The ZUMBA shoes has lighter soles for easier movement. 

I got some great advice on fixing my ZUMBA choreography from my friend Tasha. She told me I needed to count. It's that simple. I am not counting. I was trying to just listen to the music and dance which was a disaster. Tasha told me I don't know music so I need to count.

Later I reflected on Tasha's statement about me not knowing music, I tried to fill in the blanks on how I missed out on learning music. As a child, I had the ballet lessons and piano lessons plus in college I studied a couple of courses in music. Despite the fact that none of my music background sink into my brain matter, I became a great dancer as a teenager by practicing my moves to the songs of the Spinners. I recall watching Soul Train and dancing with the Soul Train dancers then I would practice my new moves on my own at home. Sometimes I would go to my friend Rita's house to practice the bop with her. 

Last night I danced for about three hours and I counted moves and looked for patterns. I did see an improvement in my ZUMBA choreography. I feel better about my dancing thanks to Tasha's simple advice.

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