Thursday, June 14, 2012

Natural Hair and Exercise: How to maintain hair during a workout

As many of you know I am transitioning (going back to my curls). I have been doing some research/experimenting to find solutions for maintaining my hair and exercise. I know I told you last week that I was going to do my own roller set but I ended up going to my hair dresser on Saturday. I had a last minute special event to go to. I couldn't take any risks with my DIY style. Anyway, I got my hair curled (see pic above) on saturday afternoon and so far it is has survived three days of exercise. I did flow yoga (yes I sweated) on Sunday, cardio (elliptical) and weights on Monday, and I just finished with 45 min on the elliptical and core exercises (e.g., planks). See below to see how my hair looks now. By the way I pin curl my hair at night and leave that way at the gym. I do not touch my hair until it is completely dry. FYI: I am 4.5 months post relaxer

I definitely, think pin curling at night and leaving it that way while at the gym is  a good strategy.

Sorry the pic is blurry (I was obviously on the go) but you get the picture, my hair was still curly

NFG Hair Maintenance Recommendations :

1. If your hair is curly then you should pin curl it at night and leave the pin curls in while at the gym
2. Let your hair breathe while you work out, put a headband on it to catch the sweat (but do not wrap it up tight)
3. Do Not touch your hair until it is dry
4. Try a dry shampoo to refresh your style (I am currently trying to find a really good one)

Do you have any tips ?


Anonymous said...

My tip would be to just lock your hair. No more pre-bedtime preparation. I just jump in!

Anonymous said...

Try the waterless shampoo by!!

Teresa Hanson said...

How do you pin curl your hair. I need help. :0