Saturday, June 30, 2012

Natural Hair and Exercise: Hair Products I Love!

Hey ladies! I am back from my Vacay so I will continue the Natural Hair & Exercise Series. 

 I have been experimenting with different natural hair products for the past few weeks. It has been quite a journey trying out various styles and products. I think that I have finally found the regimen that works for me.  I roller set my hair with perm rods and sit under the dryer for about 45 minutes. I use Just Natural Organic Hair Care Products. I have found that these products keep my hair really soft and moisturized. These products have helped me survive the D.C. heat wave and my intense workouts. So far I have tried their Shampoo,  Leave-in Conditioner, and Protein Treatment. My roller set lasts about 4 days and I maintain it by pin curling it at night.

The Just Natural shampoo is the only shampoo that I have found to leave my hair soft. It is not harsh like other shampoos. Also, it is Sulfate free which is important for people that wash their hair

I have never tried a protein treatment before. My hair was soft and more manageable after using this, it works well the shampoo and leave-in. 

I apply the leave-in conditioner after the shampoo and protein treatment. This conditioner makes my hair really easy to manage before I do my roller set. 

If you have never used Organic products in you hair you must give these a try!

This is how my hair comes out. 

Additional tips:

I have learned that it is important to separate the hair into sections. This technique makes it much easier to manipulate. I part my hair into four sections before washing it. I wash each section to make sure I get my hair clean. When I apply the leave-in I keep the four sections but then go through and apply the conditioner to smaller sections (like you apply a relaxer). This makes easier for me to manage and apply the conditioner evenly.

Do you have any tips?


Elizabeth R said...

Sectioning the hair while washing/conditioning is a MUST! Especially as your hair gets longer. I have been natural since 2003. I haven't experienced any particular challenges with working out and maintaining my hair because it is usually either in a 'fro or some protective style that doesn't require it to have a straightened look. Sweat is no problem for my curls!

Herbal Tea said...

Good information here. Thanks for sharing. I have used a couple of soy protein powders and quite liked them.
Good information here. Thanks for sharing. I have used a couple of soy protein powders and quite liked them.

mydestiny said...

Nice blog! Just found it today. I hve been napptural since 2004. I love it! I can't see myself relaxing ever again. Now that my has grown back ( used to be real short like a boy cut) lately I've just been slicking it back in a ponytail. Today, I'm wearing a twist out.

Please try Qhemet Biologics! I swear by them. I've been using QB line since it first came out. For my hair they have been the best, and I've tried alot of products throughout the years. I didn't use them for a few years and my hair was not as healthy...but I've come back and can't stay away.

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It’s very beneficial for all women. They can make their hair soft and silky by using it. I also use the shampoo and I have strong and beautiful hair.

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Nicole Thomas said...

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