Thursday, January 7, 2010

Working Hard!

I have been working hard developing my new blog. So please stop by and check it out. My Mom just wrote a great post called: "Looking for the Black Prince Charming ??"

Don't forget that you can follow my weight loss journey via People Magazine. There's an article in stores now. I'll let you know when the next one comes out.

Also, I will be working on two projects with non profit organizations over the next year to promote fitness for Black Women and Teen Girls. I will be working with Pink Isn't Always Pretty and In the Paint Basketball both of these organizations are really important to me.

In the Paint Basketball is a program dedicated to helping Chicago youth. The program focuses on encouraging health , fitness, building confidence, discipline, and responsibility. I am working on a project for teen girls, more info to come! Please view the site to enroll you children, volunteer, or donate.

Pink Isn't Always Pretty
Breast Cancer runs in my family and has affected several women in my life. Particularly one of my sorority sisters who started this organization with her family.

P.I.A.P.’s mission is to provide a national community of support for women of color coping with breast cancer through raising awareness, education on healthy living and encouraging freedom of expression. Be sure to visit there site to volunteer or donate!

Don't worry I will continue to keep you all inspired at Nubian Fitness Goddess. I appreciate your support!

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