Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year a NEW YOU!

It's been a while but I wanted to share something with you all. My fiance and I are in January 11th's issue of PEOPLE MAGAZINE!!! You all have to pick up a copy to read about my participation in their weight loss challenge. I can not discuss the details here so pick up a copy it's on page 94 and 98 :-).

Also, I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! Remember it's a new year and you have the opportunity to leave all those bad habits behind. Some of you have probably already created a list of New Year Resolutions but this year try creating a New Year Action plan. You need more than just goals, you need to create a list of at least 10 changes you will make starting tomorrow. Make your commitment to increase physical activity and change your eating habits. Trust me it will be worth it, make you action plan as detailed as possible. Include when and where you will work out, what you will eat, etc. You have the chance to be Fit and Fabulous this year so take advantage of it!

I will continue to post throughout the year to keep you motivated. Also, look for more posts by Rosethefitnessinstructor. She's been doing an awesome job at keeping you all inspired.

Lastly, One of my major focuses is planning my wedding and I will continue to keep you all posted about that as well.I am looking at either having it in D.C. or Chicago. It's all soooo exciting so I will keep you all posted about my journey. I am working with another blogger, Coretta, from "Coretta's Elegant Events" to plan my wedding. So look for more to come. My posts will be on a separate blog, and I'll let you know soon as it's up!

Have a Happy New Year!!!!


What is your New Year Action plan?


Coretta said...

Congratulations Cendrine and Omari! You guys are already the hottest couple in the magazine! :) Can't wait for your wedding day and I'm so honored to be a part of the process! Perhaps the planner can shed a few pounds by October as well. 20lbs is my goal.

Madame said...

Neat, I'll be sure to pick up a copy of People mag and check out the story! Congrats on the wedding, I'll be planning mine in 2010 as well ... and hopefully, finally, maybe (lol) ... meeting my weight loss goals!

Fitness Goddess said...

@Coretta, I don't think you need to lose 20lbs...but if that's what you want I will keep you motivated!

@Madame congrats on the Wedding and your weight loss (it will happen, be confident)

luvlylayd said...

hey congratulations!!! that must be so exciting (as well as wedding planning, lol)

I definitely want to see you guys in the magazine.

my plan is to eat healthier and lose weight! i feel like i'll be happier - plus it'll help keep my stress levels down.

Happy New Year!