Friday, October 30, 2009

Exercise is not an Excuse to EAT!

I know this may sound obvious to some of you. But I've realized that this has been one of my recent pitfalls. This past summer I was pretty satisfied with my weight and workout routine. I was doing a ton of classes ; spin, body pump, body combat, etc. So I did not monitor my eating habits as much. I figured I would burn it off anyway so why worry. Well, a little extra dessert or second margarita here and there; this made me lose control altogether. I started craving junk food more, and it's been downhill from there.

Coincidentally the past couple of weeks I've learned all about the gastrointestinal tact, hunger, appetite in my physio class. Anyway, I'm dedicated to monitoring myself to make sure that I eat when I am actually hungry and not eating for the sake of eating. It's also important to make sure that things you eat actually provide some nutritional value. If you eat junk food which contain empty calories your body recognizes that junk food has no nutrients and you will be hungry again.

I recognize this is all common sense; but in essence all it takes it is common sense to lose weight. You just have to apply it (and that ain't easy).

Here are some resources on how to monitor your own eating habits. Oh and just in case you didn't know that pic is the Weight Watchers "Hungry Monster."

Are You Hungry?

The Worlds Heathiest Foods

Calorie lab

Weight Loss update: So i'm getting back to my goal weight slowly, but surely. I've been hitting the treadmill everyday this week. I'm up to running 20 min at about 6.5 mph which is good but my goal is 30 min. I'll be posting my workout routine soon!


Do you eat when you're not hungry?
Any strategies suggestions to control eating where you're not hungry?


Laura B said...

Well my trick when I am hungry is to get up and do some housework. I find this always does the trick because it gets me moving again and stops me getting bored.

Fitness Goddess said...

That's definitely a good idea; my biggest problem is when I'm studying (which is all the time :-(

How is your weight loss journey coming?

Fruitful Vine2 said...

I tend to eat when I'm hungry but there are times when I just feel like eating something so I do. Since the majority of the time I eat healthy and when I'm hungry it's been okay to indulge those feelings from time to time.

Came over via Blogs Her Color. Have a great day!

Curlicali said...

You are right on target when you talk about loosing control once you start. I am in pretty good shape, and I have to be for my profession. However, if I eat a small piece of candy, before you know it that candy turns into a family size or golden oreo cookies. What works for me is always having healthy snacks around and not letting myself get too hungry. I also have to tell myself, that I am in control of my body and I need to be stronger.

Coretta said...

I like to turn on the music and dance around the house while cleaning up (for me Michael Jackson and Beyonce are excellent for this). Thankfully, my office (Air Force) has PT built in. However, before I went natural with my hair, I held back there too. Walking my dog is a big help as well. But my biggest problem is portion control. Unfortunately, I find that when I get really busy, I solve that problem by not eating much at all, which also is not good.