Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fitness Deals in D.C.

I'm not sure how familiar you all are with "Groupon" but it's a great way to recieve discounts on restaurants, classes, spa services, and random other stuff. Well, I'm always on the look out for a DEAL so I signed up for Groupon in D.C., NYC, and Chicago (my 3 fav. places). Today I got one that I think is worth sharing. It's half off 3 fitness classes in D.C.

"With today's Groupon, $27 gets you three classes at Chic Physique (a $54 value). This femme fitness facility is located in Bethesda, a brisk nine miles from downtown D.C. The cozy studio setting lends itself to a confidence-boosting alternative way to shape shift-meaning you'll be dancing and kickboxing your way to top condition, just like Rocky IV, except female-centric and with some semblance of lucidity."

(Click the link above more more information)

Also, I would like to share information I recieved about Black Owned Fitness services (We got to support each other!!). Vionna Jones from Fit in DC has created a Winter Fitness and Wellness Retreat for all you SuperWomen out there, you should take some for yourself and check it out. She is offering 10% off if you book now. Here is a brief description:

"This weekend retreat will be an opportunity to get support around making you a priority and bringing more joy into your life. Kick back, take a deep breath and explore a more positive relationship with fitness and food. You'll learn how physical activity and mindful eating can be great self-nourishment and personal empowerment tools that you can incorporate into your daily routine easily. "

I'm all about saving you all $$$ (and myself) so from now on you can expect find deals like that at Fitness Goddess Regularly. So any businesses great specials on Classess and other health related services please email me at nubianfitnessgoddess@blogspot.com.

Fitness Update: Um it's non-existent. I spent the weekend in NYC for my Fiance's birthday and prior to that was finals week so I'm off the wagon a bit. I'm up early and going for a run before my day starts though.

I hope all of you lovely ladies can find the time to take 45 minutes to your self and focus on your health throught exercise. I know it's a struggle to find the time but you and your body is soooo worth it!

Know of any great deals in your city?? Please share.
Also I'm looking for women to share inspirational stories about your Fitness Journey


Laura B said...

I will be sure to check out that weekend fitness retreat! Its about time my husband treated me :)

Lynn said...

I am also a huge fan of Groupon! The coupon for today was for a group guided hike through some uncharted but well known to them territories in southern FL. I am always trying new ways to stay in shape. I grew up in NY so the outdoors was never a question. I grew up more so outside than in. It's after I had my 2nd baby and moved to the South that my waistline has been unforgiving. I love your site (not just because we have the same background) but that you are sharing your efforts with the rest of us.

My best, Lynn

Lynn said...

Oh and my routine has been getting dance cardio videos free from my local library. Dancing With The Stars has a heart pumping one I'd recommend. I'm all about free fitness! :o)

Anonymous said...

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