Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keeping Fit on a Budget!

Contrary to what gym ads (Bally Total Fitness) say, you don’t “need” a gym to stay in shape and look your best! This may be shocking to hear from a group fitness instructor who constantly uses the gym, but I’m also a 26 year-old, paying rent and utilities, still in the beginning phases of my career, and keeping track of a tight budget! I’m sure many of you can relate to my situation.

So, what do you do if your budget doesn’t have room for that fancy gym? Use your surroundings! I actually enjoy working outside during a nice day or in the comfort of my home, it helps to mix things up and keep my workouts interesting. Check out these suggestions and feel free to add more ideas if you workout without a gym:

• Local high school track: I happen to live very close to a high school with a nice track that many members of the community use after school hours to walk, jog, or run. It’s safe from all the traffic and helps you track how far you’ve run (four laps equals a mile).
• Interval running: If you don’t live near a high school track, you can use your sidewalk and the street lights. Make sure to walk fast for 5 minutes to warm up the body, then after every other street light sprint really fast to the next one…then walk slow to the next one…then sprint. Interval training will help you burn fat and get your heart pumping, which is great cardio!
• Hand weights: You can go straight to your nearest Target and buy two hand weights and do bicep curls during your favorite TV show (Grey’s Anatomy, anyone?)
• Workout videos: You can now work out with some of your favorite celebrities as it seems EVERYONE is coming out with a new exercise video: Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson (I think) or you can go to try cool workouts at home like Taeboe, belly dancing, strip tease, etc. Have fun in the privacy of your home if you’re not one who prefers to workout in front of others.

That’s just a few examples of how you how you can get and stay in shape during a time where every budget cut helps! You can also use fitness magazines (I love SELF Magazine myself) to get tips on new moves and workouts that don’t need a gym. So there you have it, one less excuse to not live a healthy lifestyle! Keep it moving ladies .


IB Fitness said...

In most instances, the greatest hurdle to achieving fitness is our ability... or rather inability to change our behaviors.

Some good info for dieters about including strength training in their quest for reduced mass: http://islandboyfit.blogspot.com/2009/10/weight-lifting-weight-loss.html

Laura B said...

My Husband is always saying that he needs to join a gym and I am always saying to him that you don't need to pay an expensive gym membership to keep fit. Thanks for confirming it.

Anonymous said...

i gained 50lbs since been at college, i need to take off atleast 25lbs by xmas and 50 by the summer, any advice? i am disgusted w/ myself i'm out of shape i have stretch marks help...

IB Health, Wealth & Fitness said...


I applaud you for even reaching out and asking for help. You goal of loosing 25lbs by x-mas, although doable, is a very lofty. You would more likely be able to practically loose 10-15lbs, but it all depends on the resources you have for working out! Are you currently associated with a gym, have a home gym, don't mind being outside in the cold, do you have a Wii? Look me up I can give you more details!