Thursday, May 15, 2008

Should Sisters Pump Iron? - weight-training for African American women

Hey ladies,

There have been some requests on how to develop good weight training routines. So I put together a couple of links to articles on weight training specifically for women. I'm no expert at weight training. I have taken recommendations from a free personal training session I had a Ballys. If anyone else has additional recommendations please share them.

The Links

Please keep sending me resources to add to the resource post! Let me know if there are any additional topics you would like to see. Thanks for all the feedback!!!

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Natalie said...

Thanks for adding these links! I try to work out as much as I appreciate these tips!


Anonymous said...

Try Muscle Logic by Charles Staley. He uses escalated density training to maximize your workouts with limited time. For diet, try, Burn Fat, Feed Muscle by Tom Venuto. It is an e-book. These two resources together are the reason why I am back to my high school weight after law school.