Saturday, May 10, 2008

Resources : Eating Right, Exercise, Hair Care

We are collecting resources to provide tips and suggestions for Eating right, Exercise, Cooking, and Hair Care. Feel free to send me links either through email ( or through comments

Eating Right

meal plans -
Karyn's at Home meals to go
Calorie Counter-
Better Way 2 Better Life -

Get Fit

fitness plan-

Hair Tips:

Faster Hair Growth -


Cooking Classes and Cookbook (Black-owned)
Healthy Cooking Classes for us (Black-owned)
Tours and Tasting

More to Come!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm currently transitioning from relaxed to natural hair (hopefully for the last time) and here are some websites for hair care tips and/or products that I find helpful. Whether you have natural or relaxed hair it's all about conditioning and finding what products work best for you. Unfortunately, this means you may have to try many things. In transitioning to natural, I wore my hair in weaves for about 8 months straight. That way I didn't have to worry about doing my hair or sweating it out. I found some people who were able to braid my hair (for sew-ins as well) so that it was not breaking off AS MUCH. However, the style didn't last long. As of now, I don't want to go back to weaves and hair breakage. I stick to twists, twist-outs, coils, fingerstyling, fro's, and braids. When I want my hair straight, I go to the Dominican's. They do excellent work lol!

Mo'town Girl - tons of tips, how-to, recipes for all natural hair treatments, & product reviews:

Products & Tips

(I have tried most of these, ask for a review)

Anonymous said...

For mo'town girl I think you can just type in:

I realize that my link was cut off before.

Janice said...

The secret to shampooing everyday after a workout is good deep conditioner. When I had a relaxer, I would use Mend by Summit Labs or Chloestrol by Queene Helene. When swimming I would wet my hair then comb in the deep conditioner and leave it in while I swim or exercise in the water. I also would shampoo and use deep conditioner after a workout. Then I would sit in the sauna. In summer I wore hair slick back with the deep conditioner. I would allow my hair to air dry by the sun. I tried to use as little heat as possible. I also used hot rollers with steam instead of hot irons. Now I wear twists and twist out. There are videos on that show you how to twist your hair. The product that I use to twist my hair with is "Pink Lady's Short Looks Twist It!"

Janice said...

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