Saturday, May 10, 2008

Run a 13 mile Marathon ?????

As of today my blog partner and friend have committed to running the Chicago Half Marathon. This marathon is 13 miles and should completed in about 3 hours. This is extremely intimidating considering that I have never ran more than 3 miles!!!
I am fairly new to running but I enjoy it and think that it would be an amazing accomplishment if I can complete the marathon. I will document my experience through this blog.
Please share if any of you have ran a marathon...share what your experience was like.



Janessa said...

Well... I never ran a marathon, but I did run varsity cross country in high school & it's no joke.. & we surely weren't running anywhere near 13 miles.

I think you should start with a smaller task and work your way up. The Ridge Run is coming up again this year.. I believe it's May 26th or 27th and I think it's a 5k run.. I'm not really sure on the details. I just know it's not 13 miles!

Give it a look, though.

Chavon said...

Well I think that is remarkable...I wish I had the determination...You should see if you can work out with the Cross Country team at your college since they do long distances and you can work on your endurance

Kelly said...

**edited for content**
well, you know what I say "(insert extremely inappropriate comment here)"
ps. happy running
and go natural