Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 3: No Junk Food Challenge & The Secret Sabatoge of Candy

Most of you are going strong with the No Junk Food Challenge! We're on Day 3 and I want to help us get through one of the most tricky parts of this challenge--no candy.

Candy. It's everywhere. In the office, at the doctor's office, at your friend's house. It's easily accessible and in most cases small enough that we think "one can't hurt". But then one turns into 10! Think 10 is harmless? According to LiveStrong, one piece of hard butterscotch candy has just 21 calories, with 10 of them equaling over 200 calories!  To burn that off you'd have to do 60 minutes of walking, 30 minutes of jogging on the treadmill, or 35 minutes of a dance class. 10 pieces of butterscotch does not seem like it's worth any of those sweat-inducing workouts. I'd rather burn 200 calories to get me closer to my goal, not damage control!

Limiting our candy intake is especially important for African American women. Candy comes packed with refined carbs. Refined carbs can lead to diabetes. 1 in 4 African American women over 55 years of age has diabetes.You may not be over 55 years of age, but just think, many of those women 55+ may have been able to prevent their diabetes diagnosis if they watched what they ate during their younger years.

Tell us: How do you handle your sweet tooth in a healthy way?

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