Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stress Weight Gain

Janice in 2003 as account executive for a major airline. This was a stressful job that consisted of driving the Chicagoland area to call on travel agents. Our family diet was take out and fast food because  of my hectic schedule commuting all over Chicagoland. I had little time to prepare meals at home. My weight soared to the highest in my life.

Before Photo 2004
My Herbalife Days 2004 - 2005

After photo 2005
Now I am focusing on weight loss with change of diet and lifestyle habits with more walking, yoga, Zumba. I spent thousands of dollars on weight loss products. My journey forward is more a simple and inexpensive approach that will last a lifetime.

What diets or products have you tried in the past?


icanshowu said...

Liquid Protein!
Phen-fen - and I have been recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension.

Actually my typical answer to this question is "I've done everythin but hurl because I didn't know you could until I was too old to try it" Finally figured out things that work for me and have sustained an 8o pound weight loss for more than 10 years.

Skychi said...


Glad to hear that you have figured out what works for you. Congrats on keeping off 80 libs for over 10 years.