Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Weightloss Tips

Zumba Instructor talking to participants who have lost over 100 lbs.
At Zumba class today some women were sharing their desire to get rid of belly fat.  They want to know how to maximize their exercise results. In my opinion Zumba is a great dance fitness that allows you to burn intense calories.

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In addition to the Zumba workout you can try these weightloss tips below:

1. Adding lemon or lime to your water makes it alkaline. When you body is in an alkaline state it makes it difficult for disease to exist in your body.

2. Eating an apple a day helps to cleanse your digestive tract. It is also a negative calorie food which means it burns more calories than consumed by your body.

3. Adding more fiber by eating more fruits and vegetables during the day because fruits are cleansers and vegetables are blood builders.

4. Drinking sixteen ounces of water when first wake up in the morning because this heaps to reduce your appetite during the day.

5. Walking or biking after dinner to aid digestion of your meals for the day.

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These are five of my personal belly fat blasting tips that I use in conjunction with my workout. I have had results in three weeks.

What tips would you like to share for reducing stomach fat?


HavingFunGettingFit said...

I love the lemon water idea especially if I am on the go or ordering out. Not sure of the science behind it but food seems to have more flavor when you drink lemon water with the meal. I forgot how much better I feel after walking after dinner. I remember as a child my Dad saying let's go walk around the block after dinner and nobody wanting to move. Thanks for reminding me to get up and get moving after dinner!

Skychi said...

Having Fun Getting Fit

Kudos on the walking after dinner, It makes such a difference in the aid of food digestion.

Allon said...

These tips are great and for maximize the results of exercise you can take ephedra diet pills that will maximize the results of exercise twice.

Lisette said... what do you do with those same old eating habits after you stop taking the ephedra?

Sweetie_CO said...

Any other suggestions about diets? I'm thinking of starting to take whey proteins after reading Should women take whey protein. What do you think of this? Will this be more effective?

Niko Macana said...

Is that how a boot camp fitness group looks like?
Great tips by the way.

Sonja Jovanova said...

Despite this fact, the notable weight loss research done by Care Western University found that the dieters that slept less gained weight even though they did not eat more. Let me tell you, in case you don't know that cardio exercises decreases fat more rapidly. Diet is about 4 times more effective for weight loss than exercise. Again it's always best to check with your doctor on the intensity of your workouts, for instance, if you exercised regularly before you were pregnant then your workouts will be notably different to someone who didn't.

Ellen Sanders said...

A tip that I would add is that we must eat small meals 5 times a day. I know about this thing from a specialized person, who also recommended me to start the Ideal Protein weight loss in Toronto program. He told me that I will be very satisfied on the results, because it's a great way of losing all of those annoying extra pounds... and hopefully it will be this way!

Healthy Tips said...

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