Saturday, November 27, 2010

People Magazine Update!

Hey Fitness Goddesses!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thankgiving! I know that you are staying on track and getting those workouts in this weekend. Stay motivated and go Extra HARD to workout off that extra serving of Mac and Cheese :-).

For those of you following my weight loss journey via People Magazine, I wanted to share the most recent article. The wedding and weight loss were a success. I worked out with personal trainer Shane Beatty at Body Smith in Georgetown for 9 months. He was amazing! The workouts were always intense and I learned a ton about weight lifting. I dropped two dress sizes and we tied the knot in Miami on October 9th. Now I just got to keep the weight off and stay toned!

So you can expect plenty of tips on Eating Clean (My New Journey) and Staying Fit during the holidays.

Thank you all for you support and please stay tuned as the Journey Continues............

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