Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Self-Empowerment is Sexy!

Hey Ladies!!
It's been a while. I've been sooooo busy with wedding planning, weight loss, and year 2 of my PhD program. I will return to normal blogging soon. For now, I am excited to share a post by a friend at

Over the last few months (12 to be exact) I've been having some trouble getting myself to the gym. Despite swimsuit season, I haven't been motivated to workout and avoided the gym like the plague. But, after one-too many grabs on the arm by random guys during a night out on the town, I felt compelled to do something. So I quickly googled "Self Defense Class, DC."
Luckily I found a karate dojo that offered 1 free self defense class in Alexandria, V.A. Perfect! Not only am I annoyed by guys at the club, I'm also majorly freaked out by the stories I hear about women being grabbed on the street and dragged into cars by kidnappers. Plus, I'm always looking for ways to feel empowered. And since free is right up my alley, I quickly set up my 1-on-1 session and got my workout gear in order.
Ok. My class was today and it was A-MAZ-ING! Upon meeting with my teacher (aka "sensei" in karate-speak), I was asked what my main reasons are for wanting to take karate. I told him that my priorities are self-defense, improving flexibility, and fitness. "We can definitely work on all 3 of your goals today" he said as he instructed me to get into the "ready" stance. While there weren't any lessons on how to karate-chop through a pile of bricks, I was taught how to kick, punch and block an attacker. After each move, I was to shout "KIAI!!!!!", a battle cry that not only would freak out an unsuspecting attacker, but also ensure that I was breathing after each strike. He led me through a series of high energy exercises, had me kick a big red punching bag, and in the end I even got to practice what I'd learned on him. I was drenched by the time our 1 hour session was over but totally high on adrenaline. I mean, I had actually worked out in a real dojo with a real karate sensei. I was pumped!
After my lesson I was invited into the back office to go over how quickly I could sign up and put a down payment on karate lessons--which were upwards of $350 for karate attire and classes. I had to decline because I can't quite fit karate into my budget yet, but I will definitely keep it in mind. My experience was great. It totally amped up my girl power and has gotten me excited about working out again. And IF I ever find myself in a dangerous situation, I'll yell "KIAI!" at the top of my lungs and get into my karate stance...hopefully that alone will send an attacker running the other way.
What are your thoughts on self-defense classes?
Natahcia Smith


kwietgyrl said...

I'm new to your blog. I've actually recently brought up karate classes to my husband for several reasons. The main one is to motivate HIM to get fit; he's easily bored joining me on my walks/jogs and gym. He would prefer basketball, but has schedule conflicts, plus he loves Asian culture. I also thought karate would be motivating for me as well; something different. I've been having trouble losing my last 10lbs.

dancilhoney said...

I'm attending an exercise classes and it is wonderful. I loved how I was exposed to so many types of activities.

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