Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Winter Workout Plan

I know it's getting cold outside and it's so tempting to stay inside your warm house and avoid trips to the gym. Don't lose motivation because of the cold. Your body still needs the same amount of physical activity. Plus do really want to see all your hard work from the summer go to waste???

The fall/winter can make things a little difficult, especially for people that like to run outside like me. But I've learned that with a few adjustments, I should be able to run outside until it starts snowing. My dedication stops when the snow starts. Then I will have to go back to my treadmill. I've put together a few suggestions for those you that want to continue your winter workouts and tips keep your Indoor workout exciting and economical.

Outdoor Workouts
*Dress for weather that is 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. That way, you'll be a little chilly when you first head out but toasty once you get moving.
-I picked up some so Nike Dri Fit pants with fleece lining for really chilly days when I'm running by the lake. Check out Marshalls and TJ-Max, they have a decent selection of winter workout gear.

*Dress in Layers so when you work up a sweat you can remove clothing.

* Warm Up before heading outside.
-Do two minutes of jumping jacks to get your heart pumping and your blood circulating.

* Keep your hands warm, Get gloves!

Indoor Workouts
Obviously the best option would be to head to your local gym, but I know that memberships can get a little expensive for some people. Here are a few economical suggestions.

*Keep it economical with cardio circuit DVD's or keep it free with these online Workouts
*Sign up for a Boot Camp or aerobics class
* Get moving in your community swimming pool.
* If the gym is too expensive consider purchasing a stationary bike or treadmill
-I came across some decent priced equipment at workoutwarehouse.com.
Also try checking out craigslist.
* Sign up for a membership at the YMCA.
-The Y is much cheaper than most health clubs and they still have all the equipment you need.

*For those of you in Chicago consider joining a Weight Loss Challenge program to provide you with you support to lose weight and nutritional information.
betterway2loseweight@yahoo.com for more information.


How do you prepare for working out during the winter?
Does the winter discourage you from working out?


keyalus said...

Great suggestions! My workouts have always been mostly indoors with running being my only real outdoor activity. Winter doesn't really slow me down.

I do reduce my outdoor running a bit but if I have to do a long run I'll go outside. I would add to your outdoor gear suggestions to make sure to wear a moisture-wicking layer as a base. If you wear something like cotton that lets the sweat sit on your skin it will make you colder. Also a wind-blocking jacket is a great investment. I found one at Target for about $30 last year.

Fitness Goddess said...

I def. need to pick up some shirts that wick away moisture. Thanks for the comment!

french country home decor said...

nice tips! gonna take this note down for future references ;)