Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tisha Campbell-Martin Shares her Healthy Experience in Partnership with Yoplait

As many of you know, we recently talked to Tisha Campbell-Martin, you may remember her as Gina from the 90's TV show "Martin" or most recently from "Everybody Hates Chris".

Today, she's on a mission with Yoplait and to encourage African American women to lead healthy lifestyles. "I'm so excited to be a part of this campaign with Yoplait," says Campbell Martin. "Many African-American women tend to juggle a lot at once, so we put off taking care of ourselves until tomorrow. That's why I support the idea that the best time to make our health a priority is today. The small manageable changes make all the difference."

We love her passion and enthusiasm for this new initative and thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with her one-on-one!

First, we had to ask, what can Yoplait do for us? She said that Yoplait can help us make that small change today for a big impact tomorrow. She carries Yoplait in her purse with nuts, cranberries, or a granola bar to replace her craving for junk food. A smart way to prepare for the sudden cravings!

Being an African American woman, we had to ask how does she keep her mane in check while working out? She recommends putting your hair up really, really high with an old-school scrunchie to avoid damage and then let the hair breathe, i.e. avoid using clothe on your hair as that will make it sweat and then lock the sweat in.

Some of you wanted to know if Tisha is into the "Power of Positive Thinking" and, if so, how has this affected her life? "Absolutely!" She approaches her healthy lifestyle without looking at the obstacles ahead. She points out that if you already look at the negative, then you've already lost. For example, she gained 65 lbs during her first pregnacy and then 90 lbs during her second pregnancy, but instead of looking for the easy way out or settling with what she had, she worked hard and found a support system with family members and friends.

So, how does she stay so fit? She works out twice a day, starting off with some light walkingo n the treadmill, doing 300 sit-ups in the morning (go girl!), and then using free weights.

I think its also important that Tisha has to work hard at being healthy just like the rest of us. When she was younger, she was not very fit but she was motivated to get in shape for the long haul and she's a working progress each day.

Want to stay updated on Tisha's lastest tips and progress? Be sure to check out more from Tisha here. Here you can find tips, videos, and even score a free sample of Yoplait (yum).

Want more encouragement to increase your calcium intake with Yoplait or other calcium-enriched foods? Check out what the government has to say!


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Stefanie said...

Tisha Campbell is a beautiful woman. I don't know her personally by all means, but from reading interviews and seeing her throughout the years, she seems to have a realistic view on good health AND body image. In Martin, she was relatively petite. Then, in My Wife and Kids, she picked up weight but she always appeared healthy and seems to be like that at this point. That is great to see and I appreciate that on TV.