Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Workout Hard, Keep Your Curves

I've been spending the past week writing about Black Womens' barriers to Fitness. Now it's time to figure out how to dissolve those barriers with Tips. Look out for more tips to come.

So it has become very clear to me that some women are afraid to workout because they believe they will lose their curves. Well, you can be Healthy and Curvy. Working out and eating right doesn't mean you will look like Kate Moss. You can find a healthy balance that allows you to keep your beautiful curves. In my last post Black Women want to be Bootylicious over Healthy
I gave the example of Beyonce. Beyonce has been very successful at keeping her curves and fit. In addition to all the exercise she gets dancing, Beyonce adheres to strict workout routine with a ton of cardio Her body did not come easy so prepare for some hard work. I did some research to find out what you can do to have Healthy Curvy Body.

1. Click here to get great tips on how to tone your legs and thighs, it even includes a video! Other ways to to tone your legs are squats and lunges. Try looking up 8 min. thighs on youtube. You can also try my favorite method, running!

I read at that Hula Hooping is one of Beyonces secrets. "One minute of Hula Hooping can burn as many calories as running an eight-minute mile. Hula Hooping also promotes correct body alignment from the circular motions and proper posture in the upper body routines." Sounds fun!

3. Dance your a$# off!
Check out Bodylicious: The ultimate dance workout review.

And of course you must add fresh fruits and veggies to your diets, stay away from sweets, and focus on getting whole grain and protein.

Note* I have read alot of places that Beyonce has done the Master Cleanse diet, and other detoxes. Be careful with detoxing do your research and make sure you are getting all your nutrients.

In my experience my weight loss has not really affected my curves. Running has really flattened my stomach and I have dropped two dresses. But my thighs are still really thick. The rest of my body is just more toned.

How has exercise affected your body? How has it affected your curves?


Anonymous said...

great tips..hula hooping sounds cool.

Anonymous said...

Love the website, glad I stumbled onto it while researching fitness tips. These same issues of being able to be fit but still maintain curves were of a concern for me. When I started working out in college, I lost all my curves and have been working hard to get them back and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Others have stated that I need to keep eating the same amt. of food and that way I will maintain.

fitness expert said...

What's a woman without any curves! Thanks for sharing this. Learning about the proper exercises and the right food to eat will help women stay curvy and healthy at the same time. Keep your great tips coming!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I am a trainer from Birmingham and make sure that my clients reach their natural size, not what society thinks is healthy.

Clinton Walker III said...

Its about reaching your natural size. Everyone is not meant to be a size two.